WIP Report - R&E Landrovers
Work in progress

EMERY informed the community on our forums he decided to work on a new version of the R&E Landrovers.
Please note in the screenshots you can also see some AAW addons which are not part of the R&E Landrovers addon!

    Quote EMERY :
    I have started to update the rovers not changing a lot but a few small tweaks , fix some small bugs mostly changed the way the 6x6 looks and made proxy for all the cargo objects, put some new objects in and changed the front gun on the 6x6 to a saw i might swap it over to a mag 58 in the next few days
    I only started the update because i wonted to use them with AAW Insurgency because the AAW addons are the bomb and the 6x6 rover is better to have instead of the quads in Insurgency because they do not drive that well. I hope to have this done in the next few days.

Leave your feedback and follow his progress in the R&E Landrovers revamped topic.

Written on 2011-01-14 12:49 by EMERY  

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