Author: Phantom Six
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Shapur
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2 Final

Date: 2011-03-27 09:21

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Operation Phantom Destruction Shahkar

Phantom Six

Team Phantom must assassinate a warlord and his son. A local independent PMC also wants you to sabotage 5 buildings and clear one area.

    - A new warlord will rise up and unite the group of local terriosts and Takistan against the western world. You must assassinate this warlord named "Shahkar" and his son "Shahmar" before he raise an army of militias and all the terriosts against the world.
    - If he is not killed, Europe, Asia, the US, Russia, and this entire world will be in danger. The warlord's son must also be killed to make sure that no one succeeds him.
    - Alpha team will be a close quarter assault unit to deal with the threat. Bravo team will be 2 night operators to support alpha team with farther range targets with TWS scopes.
    - A local PMC has been here and will let you borrow their SUVs for equipments to carry out your mission, but in return, they want you to destroy an enemy HQ, 2 light factories, 2 heavy factories, and clear one area. Local PMC also gave you info that there are a couple AA units around your future extraction point and should be dealt with before the chopper arrives.
    - The enemy does not know we are here, but there are a lot of them patroling around areas. Shahkar was said to be having a private meeting with troops and assume that no one is tailing him. Go in silent and kill him.
    - 3 tanks are said to be patroling around the military base. 1 APC is said to be patroling around the oil facility. There are a couple cars driving around the streets.

    Shahmar last known location is at the oil storage facility. Shahkar's last known location is in the military base. The area you must clear is southeast of the oil storage facility. There is a light vehicle factory in both military base and oil facility, heavy vehicle factory in oil facility and military base. The enemy HQ is said to be next to Shahkar.

  • good for small coop groups to play with
  • night ops missions. Everyone silenced
  • enemies do not have NV
  • 2 SUVs with extra G36 silenced & satchel charge incase you run out of ammo
  • generalcarver's revive script

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Known issues:
  • humvees insertion might drive away in a weird pattern
  • revive script may have some issues & your current weapons will be gone and revert to your class weapon

  • Changelog:
    v1.2 Final
  • g36 has been replaced by m8s
  • helicopter now takes off 100% working
  • humvees now disembarks squad leader on insertion point
  • humvees will disappear from map instead of blow up after insertion

  • v1.11 Final
  • Fixed remove dead body script.
  • Humvees will now be destroyed after insertion to avoid players who joined in progress to spawn in the humvee when they just join in the corner of the map and will be spawned at the insertion point instead.
  • Helicopter is now invincible to prevent it from being shot down so you will be able to complete the map.
  • Enemies removed from extraction.
  • Helicopter waypoints are now careless so it can actually fly towards the force end trigger to end the game.

  • v1.1 Final
  • added infotext
  • added dialogues
  • added custom music
  • locked tanks
  • added soldiers in towers
  • added better humvee insertion
  • added CLY deadbodyscript

  • v1.02 Final
  • Fixed the chopper wasn't taking off

  • v1.01 Final
  • Removed the first aid module

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