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Requirements: Alpine

Version: 0.1 alpha
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Short description: Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of 3,754 meters.

Date: 2011-01-17 20:54

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Aoraki/Mount Cook Island


This initial release only includes a small scale map (20km x 20km) of the Aoraki region, with snow/rock/ice only. It includes no buildings, vegetation, or anything. Future releases will include the expanded version with the real world vegetation and object details.

"Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of 3,754 metres (12,316 ft). It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range which runs the length of the South Island. A popular tourist destination, it is also a favourite challenge for mountain climbers. Aoraki/Mt Cook consists of three summits lying slightly south and east of the main divide, the Low Peak, Middle Peak and High Peak, with the Tasman Glacier to the east and the Hooker Glacier to the west." - Wikipedia

- 20km x 20km terrain
- 10m terrain relief resolution
- 1m terrain satellite map resolution

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

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Video by Wastelander:

This alpha contains area in snow/rock/ice only, it is an initial release. Main release sometime after April 2011 when I RTB.

Credits & Thanks:
- Dean "Rocket" Hall
- Land Information New Zealand for providing contour data, from which the heightmap was generated
- USEC for testing
- Spirit for his help and inspiration at every turn!

v0.1 alpha
- first public release

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