WIP Report - ACE WIP Roundup #6
Work in progress

Sickboy did sent us the latest ACE2 WIP report.

    Quote :
    Sixth edition of small WIP Roundups - containing note worthy changes that do not warrant seperate blog entries.

    These changes are included in the next Ongoing Development update (1.8 RC):
      * Added: RobertHammer's MP7, Browing Hi-Power and M14 RCO
      * Added: wide FOV mode for AH-64 gunner optics
      * Added: Warfare BE ACE Edition (v1.1) by JoeHunk
      * Fixed: CrewServed weapons for AI module
      * Fixed: GAU-19 Littlebirds missing flare launcher
      * Improved visibility for IR strobes up to 1800 meters
      * Increased Apache's M230 rate of fire
    Wounds Overhaul Part-2 has been postponed till ACE 1.9.
    For an overview of all changes, incl previous updates, please see Changelogs.

Written on 2011-01-19 18:51 by Sickboy  

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