Handy Tools: Improved AI Flight Model and Camera Scripts

geloxo has released an updated version of his "Handy Tools: Improved AI Flight Model and Camera Scripts" in the BIS forums.

Quote geloxo :
After some weeks working on the release I finally managed to improve the formerly released beta version and come now with the v1.0 of the Handy Tools. This release contains several flight model improvements, a new "all-in-one" FX cam and also some fire effects among other resources.

Most important features are:
    - Improved flight model for AI choppers and jets, allowing custom and close formations and accurate landings.
    - Custom radio chatter related to some of the choppers and jets actions.
    - FX cam and Trackcam tools plus other resources for creating cutscenes easily, allowing several special effects, unit control and display gadgets.
    - New fire effects, including flamethrower and molotov weapons templates for creating more refined weapons.
    - Set of stand-alone scripts to be used at anytime.
    - One demo mission to be used as practical example of the configuration process.
    - Fully detailed reference documentation.

A video showing version 1.0 in action can be downloaded from
here (25 Mb) (right click, save as).
Three videos of a previous version can be found in our streaming video section:You can download this very handy tool from our download section.

Written on 2007-08-30 06:29 by geloxo  

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