Author: Sandmann
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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Takistan
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Version: Final

Date: 2011-02-02 07:17

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You are part of a family clan which owns a drug field near your hometown.
UN-Troops have confiscated your drugfield and arrested your family for further investigations.
From now on its time to strike back. Escape from prison and get some weapons to kick some asses!
Map is huge and it will be a long fight. For more informations check out the readme file.

  • Max. players 15 also playable with a minimum of 4
  • Playtime between 3 to 5 hours dependes on how many players are playing and your skill. Total amount of enemies 500+
  • Map tested on ACP-Server with third person, no crosshair and no super-ai
  • Teamplay is mandatory! Give rambos no chance to ruin the map
  • Use Teamspeak for better Teamplay or other Voicechat! No plan results in a loss
  • Map uses norrin revive script, 7 lives, no spawn points and 10 minutes revive time. Each player receives a bonus life after two revives
  • JIP! Each player who joins afterwards will spawn in the prison camp! To teleport to the teamleader use the Flag which is located in the center of the prison camp. Teleportation to the teamleader will equip you with a rifle + 3 mags
  • Viewdistance: no viewdistanse is predefined (Standard settings)
  • Performance: You dont need a high end pc for this map:
      Lowest tested system:
        AMD 3700 (single core)
        ATI 3870 512mb
        2 GB RAM
        Win XP

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Known issues:
    Sometimes its not really smooth but playable. For preformance boost use viewdistance changer and lower the settings.
    Please use search to look forward for this client side addon!

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - ArmA 2

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