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Dr Eyeball contacted us about an update for his Dialog Framework in the BIS forums.

Quote Dr Eyeball:
It's a small update, but required for the release of some of its other dependent projects (which are due soon and are more interesting). Be aware that some things were renamed or moved around (especiall file locations), for the sake of modularity.

The main changes in this release are:

  • Expand the PopupMenu functionality to a usable level
  • Added a debug output dialog, which logs any data type, auto parses arrays and allows word wrapped text viewing for long outputs. The "sideChat debug system" just doesn't cut it
  • Added structured hint examples (HintStructuredText.sqf), for those who want to avoid dialogs where possible
A complete list of the changes you can find on the download page.

  • A base dialog template (which you can modify to create a new one fairly easily).
  • A popup menu system (for dialogs and MapClicks). You can avoid dialog code totally by using this.
  • A basic Yes/No dialog (Planning a few more base dialogs in future)
  • Base control classes separated into separate files - (hopefully) no need to edit it, in general.
  • Uses full inheritance, minimizing the code you work with significantly.
  • A base color scheme (saves fussing with colors for all controls & dialogs).
  • Hundreds of color constants.
  • Dialog specific functions script (only 3 functions so far, but I hope to add to it).

For more info and a download link check our editing tools section.

Written on 2007-05-31 06:30 by Dr_Eyeball  

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