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Jackson. released the BW Compilation on the BI forums.
This Bundeswehr compilation contains different units, weapons and vehicles.
We are in the process of uploading the file to our servers, until that is done you can use the original downloadlink posted in the BI forums thread.

    Quote Jackson. :
    The Jägerbataillon 533 is a German squad and we enjoy playing with German units and vehicles. We are very grateful for the excellent work of the BW-Mod team and we regret that they have decided to discontinue their project. We decided to add some content to the mod which we felt was missing from the original. We mainly used the work of other talented modding groups who kindly granted us their permission to write new configs and change the textures. Obviously these models are not 100 % authentic but we hope that you find this compilation useful and that you enjoy it as much as we do.

      This Bundeswehr compilation contains the following:
    • Unit:
        - Helicopter Pilot
        - jet Pilot
    • Vehicle:
        - MARS (woodland/desert)
        - M113 Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle (woodland/desert/winter)
    • Aircraft:
        - CH-53gs
        - Eurocopter Tiger
        - C160 Transall
    • Static:
        - MG3 tripod
        - MILAN

Written on 2011-01-24 21:18 by Foxhound  

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