SP & Coop mission : The Witch's Cauldron by Bon_Inf*

Bon_Inf* released a new mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Bon_Inf* :
    It's civil war in north Takistan. After General Akmad Hakfrese initiated a Putsch to kick King Rasmu out of administration, the Military suppresses the civilian population by occupation and denying of food and health care.
    For the sake of the few active health organizations in the country the US military stationed outside of Takistan beyond the northern borders to Chernarus.
    Apart from this, the hands of the US forces are sealed, due to the brisant and unstable political situation and with respect to the safety of the civilian population.

    The day before the other day militia forces of Hakfrese succeeded in occupying an oil rig in the desert north of the country. This installation is an important key of the main oil pipeline, the consequence of the occupation means the interruption of oil supplies not only for the civilian population but also for the stationed US forces.

Written on 2011-01-26 08:07 by Big  

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