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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Chernarus, Clafghan, Everon, FDF Podagorsk, Hazar-Kot Valley, Island Cicada, Island Lingor, Qom Province (Lite), Takistan, ToraBora, Utes, Zargabad, [ADO] Tigeria
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Version: 4.55

Date: 2013-01-03 15:45

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Multi-Session Operations

Rommel, friznit, highhead, kieran, Tupolov,, zorrobyte

Multi Session Operations is a modular mission framework. Essentially it is a collection of scripts that create a persistent, living scenario in which the player operates. Unlike regular missions that have pre-scripted objectives, MSO procedurally generates enemy forces that are unpredictable and (semi) random. Players have to think beyond the mere tactical level and build up the intelligence picture, carrying out recce patrols to identify enemy locations and conduct deliberate attacks to neutralise them. Everything is persistent, including equipment, ammo, vehicles and even player lives. MSO is designed specifically for Dedicated Server use.

Over 20 sample missions including: Hazar-Kot, Eden, Tigeria, Qom Province, CLAfghan, Lingor, Tora Bora, Podagorsk, Cicada, Takistan, Chernarus, Zargabad and Utes
A2CO, ACE, CWR missions AVAILABLE! (removed A2Free)
Random IEDs, Suicide Bombers, VB-IEDs, Roadblocks now implemented!
Roy86's Patrol Ops 2 now integrated!
Reezo's EOD add-on now compatible!
Nielsen's Civilian Interaction Module now compatible!

Gamemode manuals:
The MSO is a collaboration between Australian Armed Forces clan and AEF Combat Team Bravo.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.


Recommended Settings / Peformance:
Due to the dynamic nature of MSO and its reliance on scripting to generate ambience and dynamic enemy, it can be resource intensive. The default settings are the recommended ones for most maps. If you have a large map with lots of locations (Chernarus) or a large number of players you will want to consider disabling or dialling down ambience or enemy.
If you enable ALL the modules, please do not ask us why it performs so poorly.

Recommended startup procedure and server environment:
- For a stable gameplay experience it is highly recommended to allow only clients that use same addons and patch as server!
- On MSO startup wait on briefingscreen until initalization has passed "Completed" state (MAP -> MSO -> INITIALISATION), this can take a few minutes!
- Try to avoid startups with more than 20 players at once, better startup alone, and let players join in when init is complete!

This is probably our last official release for the common MSO framework 3.x - 4.x, because we are working on a project that we internally call "MSO Next Generation". Without telling too many stories, our team is moving towards new shores and we are eager to provide you with a prototype in the upcoming months!

Credits & thanks:
Thanks to:
- MSO development team:, Tupolov, Highhead, Jman, friznit, WobblyHeadedBob, zorrobyte, HateDread, kieran, Ryan, Kolmain
- PersistentDB dev "team" - JMan, Scott W, Firefly
- Antipop, Rommel, Militant, Scarecrow and Australian Armed Forces (AAF)
- Ryan (Rye) and Snakedoctor from the Praetorian Guard (PRAETOR)
- Friznit, Tupolov, DaveP, Gunny and Volunteer Commando Battalion (VCB)
- Krause, Beta, Sandiford, JollyResq - United Operations (UO)
- Fogu, VRCRaptor, Bl1P, Dikkeduif, Kremator, SCAJolly, Katipo66, vengeance1, Dingbat, CebAlmighty, Jayc-astv, 16AA, VCB and AEF clans for testing
- Alef and Sickboy for CBA conversion for A2Free
- Xeno and Mikero for their Mission Builder Script
- Spyder for Object Network Update (ONU), LoyalGuard for ARMA Electrical Grids (AEG), ArmaIIholic and Highhead for World In Conflict (WICT), LurchiDerLurch for AC130 CAS
- Robalo, USMCWall, Muzzleflash, Wobbleyheadedbob, Hatedread, Zonekiller, VoW Widow, Swedge, Lonestar, SBSMac, Prymsuspec, zGuba, Fireball, Nou, Jaynus, Norrin for bits and pieces we got from you
- CWR² team, IceBreakr, Shezan, Commander, Old Bear for making your mods and islands MSO friendly
- Roy86 for Patrol Ops 2 Module
- Enigma for Weather Module
- PXS for Satcoms
- DevilDogGamer for his MSO videos and ongoing support!
- Military Gaming Development Team for MGO Attach
- Glowball for AIM support

- Various performance improvements and bugfixes (see changelog)

- Thanks to Jman we have 2 new features that will allow you to view peeps in your vehicle and even lock it
- Full persistence provided with PDB
- Better menu layout sorting
- Added custom locations for CLAfghan and Esbekistan
- Admin tools
- lockable vehicles
- Bug fixes

- MGO Attach allows you to put on your favorite scope if near an ammo crate (ACE)
- PXS SATCOMs provides uplink to satellite images (SATVIEW)
- TUP Logistics brings you resupplies to the battlefield
- CREWINFO provides better overview of the vehicle you are in
- Bug fixes again...

- Complete Recode of Dynamic Enemypop for PDB
- Changed AI movement to FSM to clear up scheduled environment and increase performance
- Optimized EnPop modules to run smoother
- Ambient convoys
- and again some dirty bugs fixed on the fly...

- Example missions (Vanilla, ACE & ACEX) include: Takistan, Zargabad, Chernarus, Utes, Taviana, Esbekistan, Clafghan, Lingor, Qom Province, Hazar Kot, Celle2, Tigerinanne, Tora Bora, Podagorsk, Eden.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Arma 2
- Community Base Addons

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