Author: EMSI
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2.26
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod lets you enjoy Arma with all kind of diiferent assets from the Czechoslovak Peoples Army.

Date: 2014-05-01 20:12

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Czechoslovak Peoples Army (CSLA)

CSLA Studio

This release closes another chapter of our work.
We will no more come back to this version of Mod, because we found that the interest of the community for an CSLA Mod has decreased significantly.
Also, this led us to the fact that for the final edition of Mod, we canceled planned second campaign and additional vehicles for AFMC and FIA (various versions of M113, LAV-25, BTR-50, ...).

Anyway, in this final release, you will find an improved MP COOP mission Protectors in version with CSLA playable slots.
This mission includes several new playable slots available for partisan units FIA - if players will occupy these slots, they can significantly and actively mess up the tasks for "normal" CSLA players.
Info about this version of the MP mission is also linked to another novelty - a completely new characters of FIA guerrillas.
They have a new fatigues (pattern is called MLOK) and they are also available to carry any type of backpacks, which doesn't allow the original game.

This latest version of the Mod is completely full package of addons and other additional stuff (reference guides and manuals), so you don't need to apply any patch - just run the installer which will take care of overwriting of old PBO files.
As in previous release of Mod, was published also a huge campaign '89, the updated version is also included in this last release.
We did there a lot of corrections and adjustments, so we hope that you will return to the campaign again and try it "survive" it again, but for example with another end of the story.
If you will be in any kind of troubles in a campaign, you may look into the installation directory of Mod and there you may find a very detailed campaign flowchart, which clearly shows the flow of missions.

As an additional bonus to the latest edition of Mod, you may also find (in the installation directory) a small ZIP archive, which contains various versions of DVD cover.

And what will happens with CSLA Mod in Arma 3?
Given the minimal interest/community support for our work, we consider to do a radical solution - we will do all Mods only for our private purposes and our own pleasure - as we are already doing now.
But who knows ... maybe something will change in the meantime

Run the .exe installer. This small application will install all needed files for the CSLA MOD.
During this installation will be created also separate mod folder called "@CSLA".
Here you can find also PDF ReadMe file and Editor's Reference Manual.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Credits & thanks:
Core team:
MAA, Faly, EMSI, Yano.t11, TheSun, Hurby
Luki, Mato, Martinius, Pochyst
Betatest ver. 2.00:
Shadow NX, Soul Assassin, T.S.C.Plage, W0lle, AKM
Betatest ver. 2.10:
CSLA team, Luki
Betatest ver. 2.20:
CSLA team, Luki
Betatest ver. 2.25 and campaign Betatest:
CSLA team, Luki, hurvo, Sarge
Betatest ver. 2.26:
CSLA team, Luki

Bohemia Interactive ‐ specialy:
Edge, Str, Gugla, Armored Sheep, Petka, Chose, Sleeper, Maruk
Rygugu (original author of M60A3)
W0lle (CWR Mod)
GMS (original author of Kozlice for CWR)
Vilas (original author of SVD)
Tomáš Hanich and KVH ČSLA in Piešťany (http://www.kvh‐
Tomáš Daněk and KVH ČSLA Kolín ‐ Pardubice (
Pavel Vladyka (
Miro Hornik (material for R‐129)
Foxhound (
BI community

Special thanks belong to our wives and girlfriends, children, families and friends who kept supporting us during
the months which we spent by working on this project. We sincerely hope that they will keep supporting us in
the future.

We do NOT allow unauthorized modification of our PBOs.
Editing and using of any models, textures and other elements of the CSLA MOD outside of this MOD without
the written permision of the CSLA team is strictly PROHIBITED!
Any form of commercial use of any part of CSLA Mod including use for military training purposes are forbidden
due to valid Arma 2, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 2: Combined Operations EULA.
If you want to obtain permission to use any part of CSLA Mod, please contact development team:

‐ new characters for FIA insurgents (camo, backpacks etc.)
‐ new version of MP mission Protectors CSLA (contains new playable FIA
characters which may fight against CSLA players)
‐ numerous improvements and fixes in SP campaign ‘89
‐ added bonus flowchart of missions in SP campaign ’89 (PDF format)
‐ added bonus DVD cover (completed and divided)
‐ OT‐62 TOPAS has been added to the CSLA showcase mission
‐ Numerous improvements and fixes in scripts and configs

New vehicles:
- K-349 „Dnepr“ (Russia)
- MiG-29AS Fulcrum (AFSR)
- Mi-24V Hind (AFSR)

New singleplayer campaign '89:
- more than 60 missions
- different advances and large variability in completion of tasks
- various ending according to the decisions of player
- three playable factions

New singleplayer missions:
- Bomberman (DLC ACR is required)
- One shot, one kill (DLC ACR is required)
- Operation Venkov
- Operation Venkov ACR (DLC ACR is required)
- Shooting star (DLC ACR is required)
- Tit for tat

New multiplayer missions:
- Operation Venkov (COOP 10)
- Operation Venkov (COOP 10) (DLC ACR is required)
- Warfare for ported Sahrani

- new PBO files for AFMC and FIA
- new scripts in standalone PBO
- new standalone object: Radiostation R-129
- new standalone components for radiostation R-129 (antenna and batteries)
- trowel now added also to AFMC units: they can dig a foxholes
- added model for Sa-61 with silencer and released butt
- added action for releasing of butt on Sa-61
- fixed radius for rotation on DANA
- various fixes in MP missions
- various small fixes on models
- fixes in strings and scripts
- added "BIS_vapour" effects on all planes
- replenish of empty positions in static weapons once the gunner died
- added action for opening of cargo doors on Mi-24
- BMP-1: allowed searchlight for commander
- Svatava a DTP-90: disabled opening of upper hatches

New vehicles:
RM-70 (CSLA)
BPzV-1 Svatava (CSLA)
MU-90 (CSLA)
F-5E Tiger II fighter (AFMC)
F-5E Tiger II CAS (AFMC)

New singleplayer missions:
Showcase CSLA (locked by default)*
Showcase AFMC (locked by default)*
Showcase FIA (locked by default)*
Support (demo from campaign '89)
Flying circus (demo from campaign '89)
Rumburak (demo from campaign '89)
Gambit (demo from campaign '89)
Long hand (demo from campaign '89)

*you need to finish other SP missions first to unlock this content

New weapons:
Winchester 1300 (AFMC)
Minimi (AFMC)
FN FAL with Trilux/ANPVS-4 (AFMC)
Sa-58 with NSPU (CSLA)

all units of the AFMC faction are completely new together with gear and items
new backpacks for AFMC
new helmets on CSLA riflemen/motoriflemen
improvement of textures on CSLA units
new unarmed units of CSLA faction (prisoners)
new animations for holding of Uk-59, Minimi, W1300 and many other weapons

New content:
- added new addons of vehicles Praga V3S in various versions (see Editor's Reference Manual)
- added new addons of wooden barricades
- added 3 new SP missions: Convoy, In the shadows, Hold position

New feature:
- this specific tool/weapon can be transported in the cargo space of vehicles
- can be also added to any unit as the secondary weapon
- when the axe is available, an new action menu items will appear
- now you can select the option to build wooden barricades with 3, 4 or 10 trunks
- known bug: building of barricades is now available also on the desert or on the land w/o trees

Fixes and updates:
- fixed various strings
- fixed issue with identification of factions while using scripts for automatic filling of bunkers
- fixed issue with smokeshells
- fixed issue with service truck for the AFMC faction
- fixed issue with game crashing while using CSLA ammo crates in mission (mainly after load/autoload)
- fixed config for magazines of OP-63 (compatibility with A.C.E.)
- extended cargo space for backpacks in various vehicles
- updated Editor's Reference Manual

- fixed problem in scripts for both bunkers

- fixed wrong scripts for both bunkers in CSLA and AFMC configs
- fixed sound for cannon of T-72 tanks
- fixned animation for T-72 driver
- fixed model of magazine for RPG-7V
- changed string for RPG-7V
- adjusted optics for RPG-7V
- fixed config for T-21 (static and in OT-65A)
- updated Editors Reference Manual

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Arma 2

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