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Date: 2007-05-21 07:09

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Armed Assault The Essential DM Collection

The Essential DM Collection

This is so far the biggest deathmatch collection released in Armed Assault. It includes twelve mission files for various tastes from CQB carnage to large scale slaughter. Some of the missions have been played for some time already and some of them are completely new to most of the audience here. You should delete any older versions of the maps in this collection. From now on I will be releasing all my deathmatches in this collection.

Most of my maps have an automatic healing script for legs that administers damage throughout the body so you are able to walk even when badly shot. Some maps have anti-camping measures that may consist of blinding proners and forcing players to move once in a while. Note that the default mission parameters are the most recommended ones.

Nobody stops anyone from modifying these maps and if you do make your own version, please name the map differently and write your name in the briefing notes.

Map descriptions:

  • VODKA! (10) 1.10
    A joint effort by me and Frantic.bay, this is our first deathmatch in Armed Assault. It's located in the village of Rahmadi and has a wealth of weapon crates with cool guns. The soldiers scream for vodka for every five kills or when they stay in one place long enough, so it's easy to locate campers and spree killers.
  • Camel Rage (24) 1.17
    Camel Rage is an aerial deathmatch that takes place in the skies above Dolores. The whole map has been designed with the Sopwith Camel in mind, so if you are looking for the ultimate biplane deathmatch, this is it! If you run out of ammo or your plane is about it give up, you can fly under one of the three bridges and get ammo and repairs.
  • Ranch (12) 1.06
    The Ranch was my first ever multiplayer map and now it's back looking for revenge! It was the smallest known deathmatch in Flashpoint and continues its minimalistic legacy in Armed Assault. Simply put the map is pure slaughter after the player count reaches the optimal six participants and the imminent respawn time makes sure that blinking is a fatal mistake.
  • Motel (40) 1.00
    Fighting can't get any more indoors than this! A (not so) luxurious hotel is a battleground for secret government agents who dispose of each other with extreme suaveness.
  • Road Rage (24) 1.00
    The streets of Paraiso are in chaos as drivers armed with rockets or cannons make roadkill of each other in this fabulous race of death. Be careful not to drive too slow or your car explodes. One of my personal favorites!
  • Tequila Sunburn (16) 1.06
    Tequila is a small ghost village consisting of a church, a few houses and a formation of barracks. This version has an enormous selection of weapons and the feature that really separates it from other wannabe Tequilas is an anti-prone script that blinds the player that goes lying down. It has a tried and true positive effect on the fun factor of the map as it keeps the game running on two legs if you allow a figure of speech.
  • Bagango, Paraiso and Ortego Unlimited (60) 1.00
    The Unlimited series maps are large scale deathmatches. Each is situated in their respective towns that are filled with vehicles and ammo crates. With all the equipment in the game you are free to do anything at all with only your own incompetence as the limit. No vehicle respawns so the maps should be realistic enough to represent an urban conflict of survival instincts.
  • Rocket Rumble (40) 1.00
    You have semi-automatic rocket launchers that fire 120 rounds per minute and you are dropped into Ortego. How many families will have a home left after this?
  • Vanilla (16) 1.04
    Experience the island of Sahrani in a small collection of twelve light duty deathmatches that don't have many other features than five ammo crates and respawning soldiers. You can have a tour across several locations during a single game or you can play it like any generic deathmatch.
  • Unreal Arena (40) 1.00
    Ortego is once again wet with blood when super soldiers wielding powerful weapons and wearing jumping shoes have an all-out bunnyhopping brawl across the rooftops. Yes, you actually jump in this one!

Just extract to your ArmA\MPMissions... folder.

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