Author: Sinky
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: Multiplayer compatible view distance and grass switcher.

Date: 2011-02-05 06:07

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Mission Settings


Just a simple script to allow players to adjust their view distance and grass level. Baseline view distance is 1000 and it limits at 5000. Tested in multiplayer several times so it should be bug free.

Ability to change view distance and grass level.

Place the 'mission_settings' folder into your base mission directory. Please keep the directory structure intact. A lot of the files rely on the 'mission_settings' folder being in your base directory.

Open the 'init.sqf' file associated with this script and copy the lines into your current 'init.sqf' file. Feel free to edit the base view distance and grass setting for the mission.

You will also need to copy over the lines from my 'description.ext' file into your own.

Change log:
  • Fixed a bug where the action would remain on your corpse after respawn.

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to -1PARA-Rickster and -1PARA-Godfather for multiplayer testing.

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    - Armaholic

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