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= PvPscene Benchmark Suite


The goal is to create a better system to benchmark the ArmA engine to understand the effects of different game video settings, different hardware components and system configuration.

The approach is to improve the suite step by step by adding new benchmark scenarios, improving the benchmark system and automating the process more and more.

The system is largely based on the work and insights from Mac
and his ArmA2 FPS analyser - benchmarking tool.
Please show him your gratitude and motivate him to update the tool to OA and extend the functionality.

The suite can be run fully automated and logs the result into the rpt file. Sample output:
"Type avg fps avg min highest lowest"
"Preloading 20	14 26 5 PvPscene_BM_City (Chernarus)"

The suite contains 12 missions so far and takes 25 minutes to process. You can also run a subset with configuration or copy the benchmark missions to arma2\missions and run them one by one as singleplayer mission.

Current scenarios
The current scenarios focus on the benchmarking the rendering only. In other words no AI and no interaction - a simple camera scene moving along some waypoints twice:
1) First a preloading run with faster speed.
2) Followed by the same run in normal speed.

All given scenarios enforce very high terrain detail (most dense grass/clutter with highest radius) and 3000 viewdistance (10k for longVD) to put enough pressure on GPU and CPU. The types so far are:
    * City
    * Coastline
    * OpenFields
    * Woods
    * LongViewDistance
on Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad and ProvingGrounds.

Possible new scenarios
* Camera to zoom in and out to simulate RMB zoom
* Camera that simulates the optic view
* Non combat AI scenarios with different numbers of AI (10, 100, 250, 500, 1000).

1) Download the suite
2) Extract to the arma2 folder, like:
3) Configure your arma2 path and custom startup parameters in _configureSettings.bat, like:
set CUSTOMPARAMS="-profiles=c:\arma2" -window "-name=test"
You can also select the set of missions to be run in there.
4) Start the suite with the run.bat or runBeta.bat.
5) Wait for the benchmarks to finish and check the rpt for the result.
6) Run the suite again with different settings and compare them or submit your result to the online database (no registration required).

Online Database:
For some graphic settings, you need to look in the arma2.cfg.
To find out your hardware, you can use the tool PC-Wizard for example.

To make the copy-paste action less effort, remove the duplicate lines in the rpt first.
You can do this with EditPadPro (trial/lite) for example nicely.
Just open the rpt / drag it into the text editor window, select in the menu 'extra',
and in the middle 'remove duplicate lines'.

The abbreviations for the graphic settings values are:
  • D - Disabled/Default
  • VL - Very Low
  • L - Low
  • N - Normal
  • H - High
  • VH - Very High

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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