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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 0.93 Beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds the static USS Nimitz to your Arma 2 game.

Date: 2011-08-26 00:03

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USS Nimitz


The USS Nimitz is meant to be a static ship in the game, it is not drivable. Due to the amount of parts that make it up, it is also currently indestructible. This will most likely change in a future release.

* Working catapults, jet blast deflectors, elevators, arresting cables
* Custom catapult steam effects and arresting cables animate being caught
* IFLOLS landing aid system
* Large hangar bay and other interior spaces
* Ordnance storage room deep below decks to get munitions from to resupply aircraft on the flight deck
* Fully customizable briefing room
* Includes example mission, texture templates, and very detailed and helpful readme concerning scripts for mission-makers and usage for players

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Usage Notes:
Accidentally left out of the readme (aka things I keep forgetting to put into the readme until after I've uploaded it and am now here to edit this post, /sigh...):

If you place the standard towing tractor on the carrier, it will automatically be enabled to tow aircraft (all standard BIS aicraft + Ikar's F14 thus far)
There are a couple flight training markers I made if anyone wants to use them. Nothing more than colored rings, they can be found under Empty > Targets. You are able to set a texture inside the ring using this setObjectTexture [0,"textureName.paa"];
The AI is stubborn and/or retarded when it comes to trying to script them to launch off the carrier, please see this post.

Known issues:
1. Elevators: Some vehicles may start to roll a bit when the elevator is in motion. Also, if
a vehicle is still for too long while the elevator moves, its physics sort of “turn off” and it
might stay in place in space - sinking thru or rising above the elevator. Just shoot it once
to kick the physics back in.
2. The interior of the island may have missing/stretched textures. This is because it is still a
WIP and is only accessible so you may stand upstairs for a different view of the deck.
3. Some of the sounds (especially the JBDs) can be heard from much farther than they
should be able to. This may be an inconvenience but not as bad as having no sounds at
4. Ammo container objects do not have shadow LODs or lower quality resolution LODs yet.
5. Ammo load on tractor is only diminished for the person who used it (tractor can rearm
each player 5 times, instead of 5 times split between everyone).

Credits & thanks:
This USS Nimitz is my first-started/second-released addon for ArmA 2. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me with it in any amount. Also thanks to the posters on the WIP and Release threads who make putting the time into this through my busy schedule make it seem worth it, knowing people are looking forward to it.
Special thanks to:
● [APS]Gnat - for generously helping me through this addon at various points through it’s development, especially the beginning, without which this addon would never have come to fruition.
● [GLT]Myke - for helping me understand hiddenSelections, which made the Briefing Room and other smaller features of the Nimitz possible, as well as for allowing me to use his fantastic missilebox ordnance models in the carrier.
● ryguy - for making a fantastic base texture for the deck of the carrier, allowing me to toss out the ugly texture I had previously made for it.
● Kylania, NouberNou, BDKS, and any others who have helped me figure out where I was going wrong with or how to make my scripts work better.
● ZZEZ - for providing multiple small fixes to multiplayer-specific issues.
● Meatball0311 - for being very cooperative in making his F18 more compatible with the Nimitz, making things such as arrester cable and fuel hose animations possible.
And of course thanks to Bohemia Interactive for making such a great game that the community can contribute to and build upon.

- Fixed: Issue where dropped gear on the Nimitz/nearby water would multiply over time until the server ultimately crashed (thanks to ZZEZ again for this).
- Added: Systems for refueling, rearming, and repairing aircraft. Read new sections of this guide regarding these features. This includes many scripts, actions for players, and a new weapons storage room deep below decks.
- Added: Davits for the launching and retrieval of Zodiac CRRCs.
- Added: Steam effect during catapult launches.
- Added: A few new ordnance container objects that can be placed in the editor. More to come later perhaps.
- Improved: Catapult launches now have a short but random delay between your salute and your launch.
- Improved: Arrester cables will now simulate being caught by the tailhook of an aircraft and be pulled out.
- Improved: Tailhook options now also accessible from a wider angle, allowing more time to set up a landing approach.
- Changed: Certain high-priority carrier actions have been color-coded and placed at the top of the action menu (whether this stays depends on how many find it annoying).
- Updated: Test mission to reflect setPosASL requirement (instead of setPos) and to show an ammo-loaded towing tractor, as well as position a jet properly for fuel.

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- BI forums

- Community Base Addons

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