Week report #206
Work in progress

* Arma 2: OA - Combat! Addons

    Rudedog announced the comeback of Combat! Addons to the Arma community with posting some screens of the M290 FVS, M551A1 Sheridan, M1009 Truck, M978 Tanker (HEMTT) and the M977 Cargo (HEMTT).
    Also Adumb released a renders of himself.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2: OA - Balkan War Mod

    SuperRat posted a few new screenshots of the HVO 108 BRGD. and Gardijska Brigada made by this is bosnia, vilas and SuperRat.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2: OA - GLT Airforce Addons

    [GLT]Myke released a video showing the AH-1Z with TrackIR controlling gun and optics.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Fields of War: Normandy

    XxEnigmAxX released a few screens showing the Vickers Machinegun, the M1 & M1A1 Carbine and the M1 Garand

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Project RACS

    wld427 posted a new update on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - MiG-29

    exall released a new video showing his work on the MiG-29.

    - BI forums

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* Arma 2 - Russian radar systems

    Hand of MoscoW informed the community he is working on a Russian Radar Systems addon which will include the following:
      P-18(П-18) also referred to by the NATO reporting name "Spoon Rest D"
      P-37(П-37) or "Bar lock"
      PRV-13(ПРВ-13) height finder
      RSP-6(РСП-6) airfield radar systems

    - BI forums
    - forums
    - forums

* Arma 2 - Namalsk crisis

    Sumrak released a fresh new trailer for his upcoming campaign.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2: OA - S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    DAP posted a new video on the BI forums showing his progress.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2: OA - Romanian Armed Forces in Takistan

    ShOcKeRoS released some more wip screenshots on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - J.S.R.S.

    LordJarhead from the Fr3quenciEs Audio Productions Studios posted 2 new videos showing the new sounds of the BMP3 and the M1 Abrams.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2: OA - =BTC= Armament System

    Giallustio is working on a new Armament System and he posted a video showing his progress.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Project Reality

    [R-DEV]UK_Force posted the Reality Studios - Podcast #1 on the BI forums.

    Quote [R-DEV]UK_Force :
    Welcome to the first official Reality Studios Podcast! Due to the huge thirst for information revolving around PR: ArmA2, we decided to create a Podcast for the Community.
    The whole community was asked over a 2 week period to ask any questions they wanted answering in relation to PR: ArmA2.

    The team then sat down to answer all these questions about the highly anticipated upcoming PR: ArmA2 modification release for the retail ArmA II PC game. The topics covered a huge range from how game play is being altered and what new game modes you can expect to see, to detailed insights on what various new weapons and vehicles will be available.

    To compliment the video, we have also provided a direct link so you can chose to download this Podcast and play it through an MP3 Player, or simply at your own leisure.

    The Reality Studios team comprises a group of dedicated individuals from all over the world, several of whom have backgrounds in armed services. There are currently three projects in simultaneous development; a modification for Battlefield 2, a modification for ArmA 2 and also a standalone game currently called Project Reality 2. The main focus of all our projects is to produce the most realistic, team oriented, online gaming experience available.

    We hope you enjoy the Podcast, and more importantly hope you find it informative. You can be assured we plan to run further Podcasts in the future for all areas of Reality Studios, so be sure to stay tuned in to the Project Reality website for more updates and news. Cheers!

    - BI forums

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