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Version: 0.4.1

Short description: The famous AddonSync2009 made working on Linux servers and clients.

Date: 2011-08-29 16:44

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AddonSync linux client

Yoma & helling3r

The famous AddonSync2009 made working on Linux servers and clients.

This toolbox consists of two independent command line tools, a simple client and a simple tool to create repositorys.
They are written in perl with linux in mind, but should also work on windows, when perl is available (untested, testers welcome!).

Why should i use this scripts instead of others?
* Other scripts mostly need to be configured in the script code, creating the need to duplicate code for different configurations
* Other scripts are sometimes written in languages not available out-of-the-box on a linux machine (the most famous example is the original yoma linux tool itself, which needing mono. I don't wanted to have mono on a internet server)
Also sometimes there are languages in use that are not the best choice for such a tool (php for example). The tools here are written in perl mostly using standard perl modules which are part of the standard perl distribution.
* Many of the other scripts i found lacked the feature for deleting obsolete files
* Often the code was rather sloppy written and not well commented

After some research i think the tools i posted to the Yoma AddonSync main thread should be maintained in a separate Post, so they are more easily found and questions can be better answered without bothering the original thread or software.
Those tools emerged out of my need to sync and provide a linux based Arma-II server, and at the time i wrote them, i was not able to find suitable generic purpose utilitys serving my needs. As i think that the tools are well written and well documented, as well as easily usable by a broad user base, they should stand here as an alternative to the other tools already available.

  • Update one or several local mods with an remote AddonSync repository
  • Check local mods against a remote repository (same as "update" but doesn't download files)
  • List infos of an remote repository (served mods, infos from Server.xml)
  • Delta mechanism so only files get downloaded that are new or changed
  • Changes downloaded files automatically to lowercase (disengageable)
  • Optionally deletes orphaned files (those which are obsolete by a new release of an mod)
  • Optionally copies all found keyfiles (*.bisign) into the targets "keys" folder
  • Easily usable in scripts, because of its command line integration
  • Writes to STDOUT, so logfiles can be automatically generated if wished
  • No config in source code, because it's fully parameterized - no hassle with updates, no copies of the script

  • Installation / Usage:
    1 - Just download the perl file and put it somewhere suitable, maybe some directory called "yas_tools".
    2 - Install external dependencys:
      - the program "7zr" (7zip; debian: "apt-get install p7zip")
      - the perl module XML::Simple (debian: "apt-get install libxml-simple-perl")

    Usage is very simple and boils down to a shell one liner. To see all available options as well as further information on how to use them, please call:
    ./ -h

    - "7zr x" to "7zr -y x"
    - Wildcard issue
    - Remote URL construction if URL is absolute

    - fixed the wildcard issue
    - fixed another small issue

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    - BI forums (original Yoma Tools topic)

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