Coop mission : Marshal of Savannah by ArmAIIholic released

ArmAIIholic informed us he released his 15 player Co-op mission "Marshal of Savannah" on the BI forums.

    Quote ArmAIIholic :
    The story follows protagonist, codename Teal Brass Doberman, as he attempts to prevent the OPFOR forces taking control of weapon trafficking secrets on Isla Duala, 2009.

    Duala is an African big island ~56km2 divided into two warring countries: Afrene on South and Molatia on North. River divides the two countries with a buffer-zone in between, monitored by international peacekeepers.

    • 15 mercenaries slots -- a simple assault rifle, grenadier, medic, marksman or balaclava...
    • 5 full scale missions and plot + 6th mission that is practically open ended.
    • Powered by new WICT v7.0c which create all warfare around you.
    • Don't be Rambo --- you need to survive here!!! Difficulty is increasing gradually.
    • All support you need --- tactical airlift focused on deploying resources and material in mid-flight, each support type has time penalty -- combine them wisely + Black Hawk transport.
    • Artillery is at your disposal at any time --- annihilate enemy or just make your way through enemy lines.
    • Norrin's revive script --- you have 60 sec to revive your teammate.
    • Occasional civilian life and patrols.
    • Time shifts --- enjoy the beauty of Isla Duala, both during night and day!

Written on 2011-03-12 17:59 by ArmAIIholic  

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