Author: Scifer
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.01

Short description: Dynamically plays music in playlists according to its mood.

Date: 2011-03-17 20:07

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Behaviour Jukebox


In a nut shell, it dynamically plays random music in playlists according to its mood.

1. First the player's stress level is increased when shots hit the player or are fired near him. It decreases over time.
2. Then the player's behavior is set according to stress level.
3. The mood is dynamically selected in chosen playlists.
4. According to selected mood, It randomly selects tracks.
5. Over time and when the mood changes a new track is played.
6. The music volume is set according to player's stress level.

Since team members shall act like a single unit, all units in player's group will have its behaviour set to player's behaviour. This is a setBehaviour command imposition. So don't try to command your units' behavior while using this script.

1. Download Behaviour Jukebox and Unpack "scripts" folder to your mission folder.
2. To initiate music function place the following code in init.sqf, where the arguments are the playlists file names without extensions: "a2" or "oa" or both:
nul = ["a2","oa"] execVM "scripts\music\music.sqf";
3. Also, you can download my Blackhawk Down for Behaviour Jukebox addon and combine playlists as you please. No matter the order nor the number of playlists.

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