Week report #208
Work in progress

* ArmA 2: FDF Mod Trailer

    Norsu released a trailer for the FDF Mod on the BI forums and said we could expect news about the release soon.

    - BI Forums

*ArmA 2: OA - Balkan War Mod

    SuperRat released some new screens of the finished SA-6 and MBT and also the nearly finished ZPU-57.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2 - FlexAI

    FabrizioT released a video showing some updates of the mod on the BI Forums

    Quote FabrizioT:
    Working to get AI behaviour consistent: using cover, in CQB, in the open. So far i've played countless automated battles against vanilla AI:in typical a clash with identical skills and squads composition FlexAI units are scoring in average a 82% success rate when cover is involved (e.g. forests). In CQB success rate is 71%. In the open (no cover) 63%. Better than vanilla performance is due to tweaked skills, improved targeting behaviour, better stance and movement handling , incoming fire detection and aggressive grenade lobbing.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2: OA - F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Meatball0311 released some new screens of the F/A-18 he is working on.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2: Unsung MOD

    Warrior X released a video showcasing the new island Dong Ha which will be relaeased in an update.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2 - The Island

    CBFASI announced that he is making a new volcaninc themed island.

    Quote CBFASI:
    For a number of years I have been trying to build a real life island, often hitting many many obstacles, the biggest being elevation data. Well a few months ago I started to get success in this and even more recently got some lucky strikes. Now the island IS a real location but for a number of reasons there will be some artistic licence. The primary locations will be present with as much I can remember, also using various web sources. The current sat map is a GE one but will need major adjustments to remove visual features not wanted, to remove the 'sea' and also to make the coastline look much better, and in particular replacement of clouds. In essence I suspect many many many hours of work to make it look as I intend. Most building will have to be custom built due to the nature of the construction on the island.

    It's at REAL scale, map is 20km with 10m terrain elevation resolution. It's NOT going to be covered with grass, its volcanic as can be seen my the craters. 4 Settlements and an Airhead, over 30km of roads, large sea area to North East for naval operations, 3km runway with large apron area, 5 large Radio Transmitter towers (126m), many other small buildings. Now as you can see the buildings have a long way to go on the texturing front and details too, such as windows.

    - BI Forums

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* ArmA 2: OA - Cluster Bombs

    SirSmoke@lot released a new screen and video showing some of the updates he has made to his cluster bombs.

    Quote SirSmok@lot:
    Made some major improvements on models and texturing. Improvements and revisions to scripts and effects as a whole. Also adding to other Planes with multiple configs to work with addons individually. (Will be limited to 3 Non-BIS ArmA 2 / OA Fixed wing aircraft on release)

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2 - September 1939 Mod

    topas posted a few new screenshots on the BI forums.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2 - Army of the Czecho-Slovakia republic 1938-1945

    petrtlach released a few new in-game screens.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA 2 - PvP Animation replacement/enhancement pack

    Smookie released some more videos showing the animation replacements and enhancements he is working on.

    - BI Forums

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