Coop mission : Operation Stopwatch by Noraf

Noraf has submitted his latest coop mission for ArmA 2: Combined Operation.

    Quote :
    Your are part of a 4 team black ops mission deep inside Takistan.
    Your mission is to eliminate a high ranking terrorist leader, named Alexjev Baretjov, his local training officer, col. Felix Zahir, and the warlord funding the whole thing, codename ViceGuy, real name unknown.

    To maximise the effect of the hit's, you have to eliminate all 3 targets within 60 seconds.

    A secondary objective is also available :
    The destruction of the workshop used to manufacture the electronic detonators used by the Chernarus terrorists.

    Remember to keep the Merlin safe, it's your only way to exfiltrate Takistan afther the mission is done.

Written on 2011-03-21 14:41 by Big  

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