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Short description: This tool will take care about almost everything so you can just play the game.

Date: 2013-09-22 10:02

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Nilmerg aka Gremlin

Simplicity matters, that's my idea of an application that will provide its users a fast, straightforward and promising way to get the most out of something. In this case out of the ArmA game series. Armarize is intended to meet this idea so you don't have to worry about how you should set up the game, you'll just play the game! At most all of the complexity which this kind of game implies will be undertaken by Armarize especially when you want to discover more than the standard game. You can simply enjoy all the great modifications out there with only some clicks! So don't hesitate and be armarized.

  • Main:
      Powerful serverbrowser for ArmA3, ArmA2, ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead and Take On Helicopters.
      Synchronisation. Installing and updating ArmA3, ArmA2(OA) as well as ToH modifications through the SixUpdater-Network or even your own network.
      Create your own compressed mod archives and store them for later use.
      Fully automatic installation of archived modifications.
      Substantial interface for the modification management.
      User defined profiles with many options to customise the launch of the game.
      Automation of third party applications to be started on game launch.
      Full Steam support for ArmA3, ArmA2, ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead and Take On Helicopters.
      Different languages are supported. (Currently English, German, French and Russian.)
      Advanced configuration options which allow experienced users to adjust Armarize in more greater detail.
  • Additional:
      Gameserver favorites and history.
      Lots of filter options to find specific types of gameservers.
      Colored icons beside every server to indicate the odds to be able to join it.
      Automated activation of server side running modifications when joining.
      Possibility to link profiles with multiple specific gameservers.
      An acoustic notification system to inform you about status changes of one or more gameservers.
      Managing modifications with actions like "Move", "Copy", "Delete" and "Rename".
      Support for grouped modifications to simplify their handling.
      Configurable startup parameters for the game.
      Automatable launch of third party applications before launching the game.
      Configurable delay before game launch when third party applications were started.
      Under Windows Vista and higher the game can be run as administrator or simple desktop user.
      Possibility to set the process priority with which the game should be started.
      Support for different directories where modifications can be managed.

Run the installer, or when you already have Armarize installed just run the program to autoupdate.


Video tutorial by zuff:


Armarize is not only easy to use and highly functional, but it is also very stable and reliable. It stays under constant development and should support new features of the game as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing some issues with Armarize, you can use one of the few official forum threads or the official website ( to ask for assistance.

Thanks & Credits:
The synchronisation is based on the community driven rsync/zsync network which is also in use by the well-known SixUpdater/PlayWithSix by Sickboy. Thanks to everyone who is involved!

[FEATURE] Added support for zsync repositories.
[BUGFIX] Configuration files are not correctly loaded when in portable mode.
[BUGFIX] Crash when activating a server in the browser after uninstalling a non-network modification.
[BUGFIX] ArmA3 multiplayer servers cannot be joined due to false positives when validating gameversion equality.
[IMPROVEMENT] Updated translations.
[IMPROVEMENT] Portable mode needs to be confirmed by the user now.
[CHANGE] The package property "rsync_path" now behaves as stated in the readme file.
[CHANGE] A modification from a non-official network can now replace one from the official network.
[CHANGE] Modification files are now analyzed based on their md5 checksum instead of their last modification time.

[FEATURE] Advanced configuration options. (This includes custom repository support!)
[FEATURE] Added location-based filter which will be applied additionally to the compatibility-based filter.
[FEATURE] Listings can now be sorted based on two columns at once. (The very last column used to sort the listing's content acts as alternate key.)
[FEATURE] It is now possible to make Armarize behave as a portable application by (manually) creating a "settings" directory in its root path.
[IMPROVEMENT] When using the manual mod selection before joining a multiplayer gameserver it is now also possible to select modification groups.
[IMPROVEMENT] Some browser filters are now already applied at server side in case network utilisation is set to "Next to nothing".
[IMPROVEMENT] Filtering servers based on a specific game causes Armarize to only refresh exactly such servers.
[IMPROVEMENT] If a modification has no license the user will not be demanded anymore to wait ten seconds when installing it.
[BUGFIX] Using the profile dialog of the serverbrowser to change which modifications are loaded on game launch did not have any effect in some circumstances.
[BUGFIX] Using the "Activate dependencies" functionality might lead to a crash if the compatibility filter is enabled.
[BUGFIX] Some modifications for ArmA2 Standalone or CombinedOps were not handled correctly by the compatibility filter.
[CHANGE] Armarize now enforces a valid installation directory to be selected for a game that should be handled.
[CHANGE] The dialog to manually select modifications before joining a multiplayer gameserver now also pops up if no modifications are enabled in the active profile or on the server.
[CHANGE] Installing key files is no longer possible.

[FEATURE] Added UAC-less executable. (Does not need administrator rights.)
[FEATURE] Added compatibility-based filter functionality to the listing where the modifications to load can be selected.
[IMPROVEMENT] Added search functionality to the synchronisation wizard.
[IMPROVEMENT] Highly improved search functionality. (Better highlightning and more than one column is scanned.)
[BUGFIX] Crash when starting the synchronisation and no update information is available.
[BUGFIX] Starting the game by using a custom executable without connecting to a gameserver does not work.
[BUGFIX] Crash when the beta-patch for ArmA2 OA is not installed and a modification where it represents a dependency is going to be launched.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

The author took his website down and with it the links to his program. We were unable to find the latest version (, so we are currently hosting version version
When you have a newer version saved somewhere please be so kind to sent it our way so we can update our mirror.

Thanks in advance!

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