Coop mission : Righteous Kill - SCF Edition by Ogion

Ogion has submitted, using our Public FTP, a revision of the Righteous Kill originally made by Gunja.

    Quote Ogion :
    I have tried to keep as much of the original mission as possible, including the briefing etc. and only added a few items I thought lacking:
    • Revive system - by Norrin
    • Chopper insertion script - by Ogion
    • Intro movie - by Ogion
    • AP minefield - by Ogion
    • Fixed viewdistance to 3500 meters
    • Added a crew served weapons crate.
    • Fixed markers to not reveal UPS areas.

    The light editions of the SCF missions features less of special items, functions and objects, than what is found in our clan specific editions.

Written on 2011-04-03 07:15 by Big  

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