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Date: 2007-05-29 14:58

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Armed Assault RealTimeEditor Addon

HqPL & T_D

This is a totally new version of Real Time Editor for Arma.
Everything was rebuild by well known T_D.
Now it looks really professional.

Put pbo file to your arma dir(c:\program files\...\ArmedAssault\missions) and play it as a mission
Or extract pbo to your profile missions (C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\me\missions) and run it with arma editor on Rahmadi map.

Things that are working:

  • Creating units in exactly places
  • You can use it with every mod - script reads units(vehicles) from config
  • Works in your language
  • More graphical hud
  • Mouse has been enabled
  • Selecting and moving units
  • and much more

  • Radio - enables GUI
  • w, s, a, d, mouse wheel and arrows - moves camera
  • LMBx2 Creates units
  • RMB moves selected units

To get into GUI use radio juliet (0-0-0)
In upper right corner you have menu with list of all units added to session(mission)
Lower right is a Spawn window. Stars represents sides. Chose units from dialog lists.
Double click on surface to create selected unit.

You're selecting units by dragging LMB over them. Now you can move selected units by clicking RMB in any location.

To quit GUI just hit Escape.

You can easily add this to your Coop mission by coping all scripts (also in dirs) to your mission.

Also you have to add init="initRTE = execVM ""initRTE.sqf"";"; to your mission.sqm file (or in init field initRTE = execVM ""initRTE.sqf"" also Logic name server, and radio with "nil = []

spawn UpdateDialog". Just compare our mission.sqm to yours

For now not everything works, but its sill beta version.

-Bohemia Interactive for OPF, AA and vbs
-T_D for help with this
-Hosters you know why :P

BIS Forums topic:
- Link.

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