Coop mission : Hold the fort! - ACE by Ogion

Ogion has submitted, using our Public FTP, a a new coop mission for Armed Assault.

    Quote Ogion :
    The Russians have mounted a full scale war on Sahrani. By applying the famous blitz krieg tactics, they have managed to secure all of south Sahrani, and are now pushing deep into the north.

    The western coalition forces have managed to intervene in the north, by securing a small airfield on the northern island of Antigua, which acts as a bridge head base of operations. Here, a small squadron of attack rotor wing is stationed.

    The coalition push then secured the northern Sahrani town of Pita with its strategically important airfield, which allows them to bring heavy equipment and supply capabilities over to the main land.

    In an attempt to halt the Russian onslaught, western expeditionary forces have moved down to the city of Bagango, and managed to erect a Forward Operations Base of some magnitude. This, however, have not gone unnoticed by the Russians, who are now targeting this base with full force.

    As of yet, there is only a skeleton crew defending the base, but reinforcements are en route. However, as time is always a factor, the Russians know that they must overrun this base as soon as possible, before the western forces can mass any sort of strength here.

    One early morning in the fall, with the mandatory bad weather, they move up in a decisive strike against this base.

    What the Russians DON'T know, is that the western forces have managed to secure a landing site for a small team of Special Forces in an abandoned base east of the town of Everon to act as a small firebase, where they will launch covert attacks into Sahrani from behind the enemy lines.

Written on 2011-04-08 16:57 by Big  

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