Author: conKORD
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Version: 1.0

Short description: This addon is intended to force players to play on a server with the required addons.

Date: 2011-04-19 21:10

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Addon seeker


Addon_seeker intended that-be to force players to play on server with the required addons.

What it does?
Addon_seeker will kick players without required addons into server lobby.
It should be installed only on server.

Installation / Usage:
1) copy @addon_seeker into A2 server diractory
2) copy userconfig into A2 server diractory
3) edit userconfig\addon_seeker\addons.hpp and register required addons. For example here is cba_main and Extended_EventHandlers
4) run server with key -mod=@addon_seeker;
or copy addon_seeker.pbo into folder with existing addons
5) ...
6) Profit!!!

What to write in userconfig\addon_seeker\addons.hpp?
addon_seeker checks addons by entries in cfgPatches
How to get it?
1) Download and install Proving Ground
2) Run game with required addons and start mission proving_ground.utes
3) ctrl+LeftWin
4) select CfgExplorer (right column)
5) select cfgPatches
6) write required entries into userconfig\addon_seeker\addons.hpp

Included .pbo files:

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons

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