WIP Report - Hautes-Pyrénées map
Work in progress

GueB posted a new update of this map on our forums.

    Quote GueB :
    Here are some new screens from the project.
    - Added a carrier to allow mission makers create more "air conflict" scenarios.
    - At this time more than 2 million trees are on the map, addon smooth in game while flying with 10km view distance.
    - SummerVegetation pack recommended for general landscape colors to match.
    - Clutter starting to be implemented, some used from OA ( ArmA2-only config.pp will be also available ).

    Update on Collaborating Method:
    For those who want to help adding houses,roads... :
    -> Use of ArmA mission Editor ONLY , no more use of BIS Tools (Visitor3) required, I do the import to Visitor job.
    See my Armaholic WIP topic

    Addon PBO update will follow in few days in the WIP forum.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback in the Hautes-Pyrénées wip topic!

Written on 2011-04-24 22:40 by GueB  

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