Coop mission : SCF Operation Backfire by Ogion

Ogion has submitted a new mission for Armed Assault.

    Quote Ogion :
    There has been an increase in civil unrest on the island Skye lately. An eastern contingent, with no official affiliation with the Russian government, have set up camp in the town Delovince, located at coordinates 0619.
    In Delovince the chief of the garrison troops of this armed contingent resides. He sits on a huge amount of information concerning this armed force that is currently causing unrest on Skye. Western coalition forces have decided to move against this potential threat, and therefor sent in a special squad to apprehend the officer, and bring him to their base for interrogation. The squad consists of two main assault teams, and one ranger team.
    The teams will move in to Delovince to capture the officer, bring him to the base for interrogation and extract. Due to the presumed presence of anti air systems, the assault teams will have to arrange for their own transportation off the island once the mission is completed. The ranger team will move around in the south part of the Area of Operation and harass the hostiles best they can, and provide additional intel for the main assault teams, and eventually, it is up to the rangers to secure a vehicle to facilitate the extraction operation from the island.
    Keep in mind though, that the officer must under no circumstances be killed. It is absolutely crucial to the success of the mission that he survives for interrogation.

Written on 2011-05-03 15:07 by Big  

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