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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 28-10-2011

Short description: A very simple serverside script for cleaning up the mess.

Date: 2011-10-28 19:23

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CLY Remove Dead


A very simple serverside script for cleaning up the mess. You can set the removal time for bodies and vehicles, and prevent either type from being removed with the value 0.

Just put
[60,120] execVM "cly_removedead.sqf"
in your init script and corpses will vanish after one minute and vehicle wrecks after two. If you want to exclude an individual unit or vehicle from this script, give it the good old this setVariable: ["CLY_removedead",false,true]
If you want to remove it immediately upon death through this script, use this setVariable: ["CLY_removedead",true,true].

- An option to prevent the removal of units with any or specific gear has been added, instructions in script
- hideBody is now used on units at all altitudes, leaking through floors is prevented by deleting the unit the moment it starts doing so

- Rewrote the script in sqf (exec "cly_removedead.sqs" -> execVM "cly_removedead.sqf")
- Added support for vanilla Arma 2
- Probably fixed some issues

- Fixed prevention of removal. The engine's removal of set variables from dead units after 30 seconds was causing the problem.

- Removal will no longer fire for units inside a vehicle. Also expanded functionality of the "CLY_removedead" variable as explained in the first post.

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