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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.96
Signed: Yes, serverkey available

Short description: This pack represents the handguns of the German Police Forces/early Bundeswehr between 1951 - 2012.

Date: 2016-09-23 19:34

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German Weapons Pack


This pack represents the handguns of the German Police Forces/early Bundeswehr between 1951 - 2012. Most of the models are made by vilas. The SIG 220/226 are from Switzerland Mod. The H&K 4, P7, P30, SIG Sauer P225, Walther P88 and the UZI wooden buttstock made by me.

  • East Germany:
      - Makarow M
      - PM-63 SMG
      - MPi KM 72, KMS 72, AK 74, AKS 74, AK 74K
      - MPi-KmK (Specialversion of 9. Volkspolizei Company)*
      - PSL sniper rifle
  • West Germany:
      - Walther P1***
      - H&K Model 4*
      - Walther P5*
      - H&K P7*
      - H&K P2000*
      - Walther P88*
      - Walther P99
      - SIG P220, P226**
      - SIG Sauer P225 (Police P6)*
      - H&K P30*
      - H&K MP5A3*
      - H&K MP5A3SD
      - H&K 416
      - H&K G3A2, G3A3, G3A4, G3A3/ZF, G3SG1, G3 DMR
      - HK G36A2, HK G36A4
      - Glock 17
      - Rheinmetall MG2, MG3, MG3 Eotech
      - Pistole 52 (M1911A1)
      - Gewehr G1
      - MP2*
      - MP2A1
      - DM11 Panzermine*
      - DM41 Handgranate*
      - H&K 32 Gewehr (uses AK47 Magazines)*
      - SIG P210-4*
      - G22
      - G27
      - G82
      - German MAAWS (Leuchtfeuerbuechse 84mm)
      - German Stinger (Fliegerfaust 2)

* own work
** Switzerland Mod
***new model
Rest by vilas, but many models are overworked
M1911A1 (BIS, config name change only)

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Included .pbo files:

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Credits & Thanks:
HDL├Ąppli from Switzerland Mod for the SIG weapons
vilas for some of his weapons

- Fixed: Grenades, Mines
- Fixed: monster arms (AG40)
- Fixed: FIM43 sound
- Fixed: mag names
- Fixed: G11 mag pulls back
- Fixed: G36LLM01 laser
- Fixed: scopes and optics
- Added: WieGer STG940 series

Added: P38SD
Added: G36A1/LLM01
Added: G36A1/AG40-2
Added: G38/LLM01
Fixed: AT/AA Launchers
Fixed: G38/G27 sound, optic
Fixed: G36 modes, optic
Fixed: G1 old flags
Fixed: P22X sound, mag
Fixed: weapon hand positions
Fixed: better descriptions
Fixed: csv to xml
changed: compact ammo box structure (now under Ammo->M77...)

- added: G3A2 ZF (West German Wooden Scoped G3)
- added: G3A3/Fero Z51 (West German G3 with Hensoldt/Zeiss NVG)
- added: Panzerfaust 44 (West German AT-Launcher, 1960 - 1992)
- added: FIM-43 Redeye (West German AA Launcher 1973 - 1992)
- added: DM21 (West German Alt. Handgrenade, 1950's - 1980)
- added: DM51 (West German Handgrenade, 1974/75 -)
- added: DM25, DM32 (West German Smoke Grenades)
- added: DM31 (West German AT Mine, 1985 -)
- fixed: some minor things

- G22 magazine fix

- G22 (German AWM-F)
- G82 (German M82 Barett)
- G27 (Bundeswehr HK 417)
- MAAWS (German Carl-Gustaf)
- German Stinger (Fliegerfaust 2)
- new Glock model
- new scope for MP5 and G3
- G36 models overworked

- some weapons outsourced to Weapon Pack 2
- textures refurbished
- MP5A1 with straight magazine added
- G3SG1 muzzle bug fixed

- SIG P210 added

- MBB Armbrust added
- MG-3 added
- Panzerfaust 60 added
- new P38 model
- several model fixes
- OA model.cfg in many cases
- GDR MPi AKs added

- G36 added
- G3 DMR added
- MG-4 added

- boxes added (under ammo in the editor)
- mg1 has now sound
- P8 ammo from 13 to 15 rounds
- p220/226 bug fixed
- G3 series added
- HK32 added

- fixes

- New content:
* Walther P5
* HK P8
* HK P2000

- SKS, RPD, MG1, G1, MP2, Handgrenade, Mines added
- new file structure
- german/english armory texts

- some fixes

- first release

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- BI forums

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