Continued digital attack - BIS forums spammed with links in random topics
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After the attack 42 hours ago where the attackers sent Zipper5 an email with a link to a website which seemed (at first) to sent out random ASCII files to people who submitted their email address the PBHB group today took a next step.
But, lets first have a look at the ASCII files, all versions which were sent combined created an image of what seems to be a ball hitting a wall which in its turn crumbles:

The community is divided about what this could mean, maybe there will be an improved physics engine? Maybe those hackers are just toying with us! Time will tell.

Today the PBHB group decided it was time for more direct steps and registered an account on the BI forums under the name of [~P8H8~]r3dp3ga5u5 and with this account they have been spamming different links in random topics which lead to a few different zip files. Some of those files are passworded, some contain text files where others seem to be images.

Whats in those files? What do they mean? What will be revealed once the community cracks this next code? Curious?
Make sure to leave your thoughts and follow the development of the continued digital attack by the PBHB Hacker Group in this topic on the BI forums.
There must be more behind all this and we are following the discussion and news on the matter closely.

Also when you want to know all the latest info sorted out for you so you do not have to go through the thoussands of posts in that topic make sure to check out, the wiki page following these events.

Written on 2011-05-09 11:15 by Foxhound  

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