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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.15.4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Namalsk Crisis is a campaign for Arma II or Arma II Combined Operations with over 22 m issions.

Date: 2013-07-06 09:15

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Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk - Namalsk Crisis


Namalsk Crisis is a campaign for Arma II or Arma II Combined Operations with over 22 missions. You will be a part of the conflict on the island called Namalsk. Namalsk become as a target for an unknown corporation called NAC (Namalsk corporation). After several months of researches on an unknow alien object, which they found on Namalsk, with
a very dangerous experiments, armies of Russia and USA are trying to stop them. Unfortunately, they don't know with whom have honor.
You are able to see the whole conflict from different sides and different people, for example members of private scientist and military group called Nightstalkers, special forces team of USMC, with leader Ryan Goben or also Russian specnaz attack group with leader Yevgeniy Pecharov! You will face different situations, missions have a very strong atmosphere with wisely chosen music and various sound and graphic effects. Situation is described in ingame diary notes and task descriptions and also, you can find a lot of information on the main website -

Campaign was created mostly under normal Arma II, anyway, you can play also under Combined Operations version (Arma II + Arma II OA). Campaign is fully depending on the content of the modification called [Nightstalkers] Shadow of Namalsk. So, campaign is released with this modification together in version v1.0, more informations about everything about this mod and its unique features, visit or scroll down.

Along with campaign release is also included unique SP/MP mission (based on Benny's excellent warfare mission), set on Namalsk, with edited sides and additional functions.
This warfare mission featuring united forces of USA and Russian Federation, trying to stop NAC and their experiments and the NAC, which are trying to hold Namalsk and theirresearches with everything.
For more detailed information about this wafare mission, continue here:

Through whole campaign, you will have a task to find highly classified enemy intel about what NAC actually doing on Namalsk and what's going at all there.
Once you will found it, mission will print you access code into rpt file or you will just need to remember it / copy it from diary note (there will be all instructions forusing this access code + of course that intel).
But because of amount of information there, I have managed to create a special section on the official website called NAC HQ, you will be able to use your code from mission/ rpt log file and read all information without to be actually ingame, much better formatted.

Campaign in few points
- Compatible with classic Arma II and also Arma II CO
- 4 prologue missions + 18 main missions
- Unique warfare mission focused on showing story from the campaign!
- Atmospheric missions with wisely chosen music and sounds
- Unique features, situations (such as escape from the A2 underground) and sound / gra
phics effects
- Including non-linear features
- Swift gameplay
- Full background of story provided on and continuing also in-game with diary notes and task description
- Tremendous count of texts avaiable in English or Czech language
- Loading pictures for every mission (showed only in CO)
- Playing from different persons, you can see the conflict from different sides
- Unique factions, characters

Notes about gameplay
* It is recommended to have music turned on during gameplay
* It is also recommended to have post process effects at least on low
* Autosaves are placed where it is needed
* Campaign went through numerous of beta tests, missions should be without bugs
* I have tried to make mission friendly as possible (without problems with AI)
* Campaign have strings for all Arma II supported languages (if you have for example Polish version, you don't need to switch other language)
* Because of an amount of texts in this 22 mission campaign, only English and Czech translation is available
* It is recommended to not use much ESC key
* Altough campaign was partly developed in Arma II CO and also tested in CO, gameplay could be little different under Arma II classic or Arma II CO.
* I do not recommend playing the campaign and using mods, which can alter AI behavior!

Shadow of Namalsk
As you probably read about Namalsk Crisis campaign above, this modification is the key part of the Namalsk Crisis campaign. From the first ArmA 1 version, I have changed and added a lot of things to this modification. I have to admit, I never thought, that I will be able to create stuff like you can see in this modification. Because of its functions and content, this modification could also provide to Arma II S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans basics for creating missions with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. atmosphere in Arma II. Modification was developed mainly in Arma II classic, so, some things are not changed - mainly because of not enough time and also because of compatibility in Arma II and Arma II CO.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Unfortunately with the problematic backward compatibility of model format, this update does not support Arma s standalone, sorry! But that does not mean you can't play Namalsk Crisis, check, main Namalsk Crisis thread on BI forums ( or any other community sites (, for your options (version 1.10 is still supported) or

Included .pbo files:


Credits & thanks:
Apo (testing Namalsk in A1/A2, testing beta version of Namalsk Crisis)
Benny (for his excellent warfare mission)
Campus (testing, translation, developer support)
Crytek (rifle texture)
Dokix2 (testing Namalsk in A2)
Edge (testing pre-release version)
Grub (testing pre-release version)
GSC Gameworld (some textures, models and sounds)
Kju (config optimalization, advices and bug report)
Mikebart (grass texture)
Pikus (some models of objects)
Rsa Viper (mp testing, developer support)
Saigos (photos for making Jalovisko village)
SenChi (grass texture)
TeaCup (excellent zombie animation)
To all music creators
Hans Zimmer
Sean Murray
Jesper Kyd
Rom Di Prisco
Harry Gregson-Williams
Norihiko Hibino
Clinton Shorter
Clint Mansell
Two Steps From Hell
Alexey Omelchuk
Jon Hallur
Don Davis
Graeme Revell
Groove Armada
Ondřej Matějka
Metro 2033
Massive Attack
Trevor Rabin
Peter Antovszki
To all, who helped create Namalsk better with reports
To guys on community forums and pages for support
YOU for playing!
and Bohemia Interactive for great game!

Last few words, all stuff here was created mainly by 1 person in his free time.

Added: 4 COOP missions by JTS (Escape part 1,2,3,4)
Changed: "BrokenNVGoggles" no longer occupies NVG/Binoc slot
Changed: Improved init phase on client-part of Blowout module
Changed: "fn_dzn_breathfog" - speed of breathfog has been decreased (to prevent weird looking effect when wind is strong)
Changed: "fn_dzn_snowfall" - no longer requires is in building check pre-compiled
Changed: Lowered strength of ambient colour module effects (Effect: Namalsk cold color, Effect: Namalsk default gray color)
Changed: Finalized the way mutants work in MP (everything should be correctly visible and broadcasted now - but again, it requires a functions manager for MP)
Changed: Lowered zombie damage
Changed: Several other little things in ns_modules.pbo
Changed: Few minor details on sat texture for Namalsk
Changed: Few minor details on surface texture for Namalsk (Tara island and some other locations have more grass now)
Changed: Balance changes in different campaign missions
Fixed: Several objects positions on Namalsk
Fixed: A LOT of issues related to the custom models (geometries, shadows, textures), used by Namalsk, making them less exploitable, safer and better looking (Credits goes mainly to Vilas for help!)
Fixed: An issue at the start of Blowout module (client-part)
Fixed: An issue with "missing static object" for campaign mission 1,2,4,22a (SP and MP) (caused by waypoint attached to map object, which are constantly changed by map updates)
Fixed: An issue with mission 5 (MP) not being playable (only intro-scene previously)
Fixed: An issue with (not-game-breaking - appears only when ns_dayz present) mission dependency on ns_dayz addon in mission 6,7a,7b,8,10,22a (SP and MP)
Fixed: Minor script issue when entering Vorkuta in 10th mission (MP)
Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 12 and on Sabre point (MP)
Fixed: Part of 12 mission has been redone for MP version to be more logical and enjoyable from 2-player perspective (MP)
Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 13 (MP)
Fixed: Data download from mission objective laptop should always work now (MP)
Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 15, issue with AI often not following their waypoints and improved mission flow to support 2-player perspective (MP)
Fixed: Init of mission 17 (MP)
Fixed: False notification about player not following orders in mission 18 (MP)
Fixed: Minor sync issues in mission 18,20,21,22a,22b (MP)
Removed: Redundant data in ns_modules.pbo

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- BI forums (Namalsk island)
- BI forums (Namalsk crisis)

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