Author: Phantom Six
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus, Desert_E, Takistan, Utes, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.8 Hotfix

Date: 2011-09-12 07:40

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Terrorist Hunt

Phantom Six

Kill all terrorists mission type inspired by: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series Terrorist Hunt gamemode.

It comes in three versions:
  • OA --> no addons required
  • Arma 2: CO --> Arma 2
  • BlackOps --> Arma 2, Mercanaries and BlackOps Addon by SchnapsdroSel, R&H SMG and R&H Pistols Remake by Robert Hammer required.

Feruz Assault. This one features max of 225 terrorists to set, all takes place in Feruz Abad, UPSMON script enabled. Some issues with this one is that the 5-7 terrorists might kill themselves for whatever reason on the beginning of the mission. It may have to do with the AI pathfinding and some of them will fortify inside buildings. It is less laggier than the previous maze for there are less objects to render.

Villa. Max terrorists are 120 and it takes place in the Villa of Zargabad. The scripts that are used is Random House Patrol and Dynamic Weapon Generator (CO and Blackops version only). Inside the Villa building will be guys in blacksuit with guys (one of the civilian models but I made them terrorists.

Camino Al Diablo. The max terrorist amount is 220. The map is Chernarus (so hopefully ARMA 2 free players will be able to play it soon). So far this one would probably be the hardest one in my opinion because of the trees and bushes and the Chedakis in ARMA 2 usually wear green. You may decrease the amount of terrorists if you like to make it feel less like you're getting overkilled if it is too hard. The terrorists will be wandering around the woods and the rest will be fortified up in the Devil's Castle. Fireplaces are also around to make it harder during night time (although it should be hard enough already).

Carrion Carrier Please tolerate the horrible lagfest for the first minute or 2. 400 terrorists total (recommended to set to 150 or less for best performance, 200 or more if your computer can handle it). Fight on 5 carriers. West side have terrorist with western weapons, east have eastern weapons, far west have silenced, far east have random weapons (golden AKs for ARMA 2 standalone)

A revive version for each mission is now included, except for Carrion Carrier.

  • MP params on choosing time of day and weather
  • Choose how hard terrorists are or how many terrorists there can be
  • Choose max respawn lives
  • Limited instant respawn
  • Disable/Enable ammoboxes
  • Terrorists shoot flare if they are aware of your presence (thanks to Demonized)
  • Self Heal bandages if you are hit (thanks to Celery)
  • Norrin Spectate if you are dead
  • Max of 8 player coop

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Known issues:
    Norrin Spectate Script glitches here and there. Do NOT press ESC when you die and enter spectate mode or else you will not be able to go back in spectate mode and just stay stuck running around in a box.

    When someone joins in progress at times, the terrorist counter script might glitch up and delete all the terrorists except for 5-10 at times.

    Sometimes the CLY Heal script doesn't work at unknown times (I do not know the problems)

    Terrorist Deletion: While my friends and I were playing through some of the missions, at random times if someone joins the game while it is in progress, there will be some bug that all the terrorists will disappear except for around 5-10 terrorists left. It happens most oftenly when someone attempt to abuse the lives system too by trying to exit and rejoin to try to get their lives back.

    Celery Bandage Not Appearing?: For some reason sometimes, the CLY bandage script is not working sometimes, I don't know why. I have only encountered this issue once or twice. It should work most of the time hopefully.

    Carrion Carrier: There's a little bug so set 10 more terrorists than the amount you want... it seems to subtract the amount of terrorist you put by an extra 10. Sometimes, the terrorists might walk through the walls and it could be annoying or, they can walk through the balcony and fall to their own death. Sometimes, the terrorist just don't shoot you while you're right in front of their face.

    Additional notes:
    I have worked on an ACE version but canceled it due to some guns having missing ammo. I have created this mission because I have enjoyed the Rainbow Six Terrorist Hunt mode for a good while... it's a shame that ubisoft had to put down such a great game so I have decided to make terrorist hunt for ARMA 2.

    There is no revived version for Carrion Carrier (it has been tested and it will not work because Norrin Revive will spawn you to the closest solid object of your dead body <underwater in this mission>)

    v1.8 Hotfix
  • Fixed Field Day CO Revived. You will now be unconscious awaiting revive instead of instant respawning
  • Set Field Day Revive to 5 seconds respawn delay

  • v1.8
  • New MP Parameters added to enhance your gameplay
  • You can now set how many bandages you want (infinite by default), set whether you want nightvision on the mission or not (on by default), set armor for you or the terrorist (the higher the more bullets they have to take in order to die) (disabled by default), set whether you want health regeneration or not and how much (disabled by default).
  • Some of the ammoboxes have been fixed to match the right parameters
  • Added lee enfield ammo to the Takistani ammo box
  • Tweak up some default settings for night/day and how many terrorists for some missions to even it out
  • Added CLY removedead on all missions to remove dead bodies to boost performance (bodies will be removed after 5 minutes to give you a little bit of time to scrap enemy's guns if you like)
  • removed Nightvisions on ammoboxes to correspond with the nightvision parameters
  • Rangefinders will be disabled if you turn off nightvision and so will any other guns with nightvision on them (this does not include guns with FLIR) (You can however steal nightvision from an enemy who has one)
  • removed all backpacks from units to prevent people from pulling out a satchel charge and abusing it and so people don't have too much extra spaces to put even more bullets in (if you need a backpack, steal one from a dead unit who has one)
  • Added one new mission FIELD DAY (Credits to cavesman for creating the maze and adding some enemies. I only added some extra enemies to the areas that didn't have much and tweaked it up for terrorist hunt)

  • Credits & Thanks:
    -Demonized (helping me with AI amount params, creating AI flare script, helping with terrorist count script, and for being one of the biggest help to me on scripting questions)
    -Celery (creating Self Heal script)
    -Reedtech (PMC/BAF ammobox fill)
    -Xeno (Secondary Primary weapon script)
    -Norrin & Kegety (Spectate script)
    -Toadlife (Universal Weapon Respawn)
    -MulleDK19 (helping with terrorist count script)
    -Blakeace (helping me with disable/enable ammobox param)
    -Daimyo21 (starting a topic regarding limited respawns)
    -SchnapsdroSel (creating an amazing unit addon, Desert Mercs & Blackops)
    -Robert Hammers (creating amazing weapon addons, RH SMGs & RH Pistols Remake)
    -Bohemia (creating such a great game)
    -Red Storm Entertainment (creating Rainbow Six)
    -Phantom Maps Community (help testing the mission)
    -The ARMA 2 forums community for helping out

    Forum topic:
    - Bi forums

    - Arma 2 (optional)
    - Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps (optional)
    - RH SMG pack (optional)
    - RH Pistol pack Remake for OA/CO (optional)

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