Author: Schecter
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Requirements: The Unsung MOD
Island(s): CSJ Sea
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.0

Date: 2011-05-17 07:57

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A rolerlay type mission for the Unsung Vietnam mod

  • Main base with many vehicles, ammo, refueling station, artillery, and much more
  • Special Forces base which includes a helicopter and some trucks
  • Fopward Operating Base with field hospital and ammo
  • Many optional patrol routes on map
  • and more

  • Installation:
    Put the "VietnamRP(UNSUNG) Co-25' folder into your MPmissions folder

    This is my first upload to Armaholic. It is a mission I made using the Unsung Vietnam Mod, this is the first version of it so there are flaws.
    I hope that this mission is worthy and gets popular.

    Feel0free to edit this mission any way you like and re-post as long as you give credit

  • Fixed: error upon loading the mission saying you could not play/edit the mission
  • Added: Field hospital at main base
  • Added:Ambulance at main base
  • Added:More helicopters
  • Added:Traps on the patrol routes
  • Added:Soundtrack when leaving the base in a helicopter going north
  • Added:Possible enemies near the base
  • Chan7ed: instead of a bunch of x's around known enemy positions there is now a grid

  • Credits & Thanks:
    - Unsung Mod Team for their awesome mod
    - BIS for making the game that made this mission possible

    - The Unsung MOD

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    Tags: Roleplay,   Unsung,   Vietnam