Author: SoLo
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Creation of totally personalizzed convoys that reacts under fire.

Date: 2011-06-07 18:25

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-[TdC]- Convoy Script


Creation of totally personalizzed convoys (with some randmoness, if you want) that reacts under fire.
You can create friendly convoy if you want too.
Protected SCUD convoy, black jeeps convoy, protected supply convoy, infantry convoy, bus convoy, whatever...

-control the structure of the convoy (number limit is the number of group arma can handle, hypotetically, suggested is 6/9/12)
-creation of vehicle divided by subsides, also giving them some randomness
-creation of vehicle divided by subtype category (transport full/empty/random, supply repair/refuel/reammo/random, ecc...)
-creation of special vehicles by special names (zsu, scud, black jeeps, ecc...)
-creation of custom vehicles by class (tanks or apc, ecc..)
-creation of covering attack heli (or filled transport=paradrops) (on/off) with his own reaction under fire (search and destroy)
-set multiple road/path, in sequence or random or both, by easy to configure by copy/paste markers
-set convoy cycle waypoint
-convoy stay strongly together thanks to forcespeed (couln't be called convoy if not)
-convoy react to fire (dead/canmove/knowsabout)
-different infantry reactions underfire hardcoded (smoke, disembark then task defense/attack)
-random fleeing reaction of the convoy underfire
-fleeing convoy under given death ratio
-convoy overall skill
-convoy creation direction by first marker
-convoy tracking (on/off) (do not support multiple convoy, working on this)
-convoy infantry cover color smoke
-vehicle are automatically filled with soldiers
-deletedead bodies

Editing MPmissions Folder

Do not edit without contacting the owners.

Change log:
- Public Release Version

Easy need to work:
Configure your convoy structure editing scr_convoy_cfg.sqf
Functions Module in editor
Initalization of script ([] execVM "scr_convoy_cfg.sqf") by trigger, by init or wantelse
Pathway markers

Params locations for description.ext and others for editing if necessary:
DeleteDead is in scr_cnv/scr_deletedead.sqf line 6
Cycle Waypoint is in scr_cnv/scr_convoy_init.sqf line 47
others are in main scr_convoy_cfg.sqf
Special Names for Special Class are in scr_cnv/scr_convoy.sqf line 89

Credits & Thanks:
-[TdC] (Scripter)
-[TdC] (Manager)
-[TdC]- Clan (beta testing)


Forums Topic:
- BI forums

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