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Requirements: Necro Island, 2K12 SA6, USS Nimitz, F-14 Tomcat
Island(s): Necro Island
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

Date: 2011-06-13 07:46

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Co20 Air War F-14 Tomcat Carrier Operations

ANZACSAS Steve & ron

This time we would like to share with you a different version of our "Air War" Series MP Mission in the FPS friendly and Large 50x50klm "Necro" Terrain by "Coward_Heart".

This variation of the Air War missions utilises the U.S.N. Nimitz Aircraft Carrier by "Jdog".
On deck is the Ikar Navy F-14 Tomcat addon.

This MP mission is based around teamwork between Airborne Strike units and Marine Force Recon units.The airborne units have numerous targets to destroy.SF units will assist in "lasing" some of the more diffficult targets for the airborne units such as ZU-23 AA guns that aircraft cant "lock on" to.

All feedback is welcome thru the "Co20 F-14 Tomcat Carrier Operations" thread on the Bis Forums.

There are 2 main area's to neutralize in order to make way for the Invasion in 36 hours time.
We must destroy all airborne aircraft at the same time as taking down all anti-aircraft weapon systems.Once air-superiority has been achieved there are Armoured units based around two main areas that must be destroyed before the infantry Assualt can proceed.Once most, if not all threats from the ground and the air have been neutralised there is Hangers,Comms Towers,fuel storage cylinders,Ammo dumps,Headquaters buildings,Radar Towers to be destroyed for mission success.
Good luck airmen and women.

Estimated Enemy Strength- Strong.Fighter Aircraft,Helicopter Gunships,Tanks,Armoured personnel Carriers, Anti-Aircraft Vehicles ,Surface to Air Missile Units (SAM's) and Infantry Units.

- Base Respawn.
- Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission.
- Vehicle Respawn.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Credits & thanks:
- Mission By ANZACSAS Ron and Steve.
- The Excellent Universal Crate Filler 1.0 And Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.4 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops.
- The very Cool On-the-fly GFX Changer Scripts/UI by Deadfast.

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- Necro Island
- 2K12 SA6
- USS Nimitz
- F-14 Tomcat

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