Author: smokedog6969
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.4
Signed: Yes, serverkey available

Short description: Sangin Hellmand Province 5X5 km Green zone. It includes a winter version of the map

Date: 2011-12-13 14:14

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Screenshots provided by AlexVestin, thanks mate!

Sangin Province Hellmand


This map is Sangin province Afghanistan its the Green zone where all poppie is grown. This is a very hostile and dangerous area with many casualties. Its the green zone so its dense with huge poppie and cannibis fields and irragation channells its a lethal battle ground from compound to compound fighting to ww2 style hedge row to hedge row fighting.

It includes a winter version of the map.

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Included .pbos:

These are signed addons but the author forgot to include them.
You can download the key and the signfiles from here.

Credits & Thanks:
Just a thank's to the ARMA 2 Community for the help I recevied when making this map Cheers guys and hope you now enjoy my map.
@Bushlurker/Darkxess/pvpscene/Viper. And foxhound for hosting and the whole armaholic community for being so open and generous with the knowledge and help along the way.

Also a thank you to SC9 for his signs addon and to the guy that made the obx buildings addon and to some guy for his ANP and ANA addon beton for the craters mikebart for the rocks and mondkalb for kill houses.

All of 3PARA for there testing and just being a great clan and good friends.

This is the last release of this map now. till Arma 3 that is

MAP Produced by Smoking Sticky Skunk Studios
Map Author SmokeDog

  • added roads for mso to stop spawning enemy at base
  • placed rocks that were out
  • added low walls and orchards
  • general clean up of map
  • added winter version of the map

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