WIP Report - German Armed Forces
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GalComT submitted an update about the Task Force 141 squad and the District Arma Team.

    Quote GalComT :
    The Task Force 141 squad and the District Arma Team have decided to join forces to create addons portraying the vehicles of the German Armed forces and present you the German Armed Forces Mod!

    Our goal is to create realistic and usefull sea-,air- and groundvehicles currently used by the german armed forces, recently put out of service and vehicles which are to enter service in the near future.
    Here are some screenshots of our most recent work in progress. A few ingame shots of the vehicles shown in last weeks wip report, the textures are getting near to their finale stage, config and animations are now the main focus for them.
    Soldiers seen in the pictures are the BWmod Soldiers
    In additon to that Maverick is curently working on the Gepard class missileboat, to be more precise the S 72 "PUMA" P 6122.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback on

Written on 2011-06-17 17:04 by GalComT  

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