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Sumrak informed us he released an update for his Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk - Namalsk Crisis campaign.

    Quote Sumrak :
    I'm really glad to bring this new update for Namalsk Crisis!
    It has been over month since release, I've tried to collect many reports from you guys (thanks for that!) and make the campaign better.
    This update brings a lot of changed in the campaign missions, I hope, that I didn't forget on anything important.
    Many talks were given to creature called bloodsucker, I've decided to change some things in this mutant, first and main change is in his appearance, he's now in his invisible mode partly visible because of his glowing red eyes, I know, it looks scary! Don't wait
    too long and don't give him any chance to touch you! There are also changes in scripts (mutants will no longer eat themselves if they are too far from any targets) and little changes are also in difficulty of bloodsucker mutant (see changelog).

    But the main big addition in this update is the all new multiplayer version of Namalsk Crisis campaign!
    Yeah, you've read it correctly!
    You can gather your friends and play this online!
    Most of the missions are designed for 2-player cooperation, but some missions are also available for 8 or also 10 players!
    So, this update brings to the Namalsk Crisis Warfare [BE] mission another ~20 multiplayer missions!

    Some notes about MP version of Namalsk Crisis campaign:
    • This is a pure multiplayer version, it is not recommended to play in singleplayer
    • It is necessary and very recommended to have in every mission occupied first playable unit (most of the missions depending on actions of this unit)
    • Multiplayer version can be recognized in the campaign menu as Namalsk Crisis [MP] and the 'Host' button will be available (Singleplayer version can be recognized in the campaign menu as Namalsk Crisis [SP])
    • You may loose your current saves with applying this update (sorry for that)

Written on 2011-06-19 12:51 by Sumrak  

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