Author: Chris Henderson
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3.4000

Short description: This is a full color script editor and file creator.

Date: 2008-11-29 14:16

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ArmA Edit
Chris Henderson

This is a FULL COLOR script editor and file creator. It also has built in WIZARDS for quickly and easily creating briefings, overviews, custom units, custom crates, and description files. Plus much, much, more! Check it out! Makes finishing and customizing your ARMA/OFP missions a snap.

    - Included File Wizards:
      o Briefing Wizard (Creates single and multiplayer mission briefings)
      o Overview Wizard (Creates a single player mission overview)
      o Custom Unit Wizard (Create any unit load-out you want)
      o Crate Builder Wizard (Easily build custom ammo crates)
      o Description Wizard (Easily add gear, respawning, sounds, and music)
    - Text Editing Features:
      o Full color formatting for error free scripting.
      o Auto-complete text insertion and word learning.
      o Double click word selection.
      o Drag and drop text in same window or across multiple documents.
      o Advanced text features like increase/decrease indent, make upper/lower case.
      o Advanced search. Search for text in the current selection or all project files.
    - Project work environment. Quickly edit any of your current mission files.
    - Save, create, and edit text snippets that can be inserted into any document at any time.
    - Labels combo makes it easy to find and jump to script labels/classes.
    - Toggle between ARMA and OFP weapons and commands.
    - Edit data files to add commands, weapons, and ammo manually from within the application.
    - Built in HELP for all wizards, OFP files, scripting, and how to get started.
    - Install is an official Windows Installer Package. Super-clean uninstall.
    - MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Try it out!
Install is an official Windows Installer Package.
Please uninstal any previous version you have installed.


Legal disclaimer:
Download and install this file at your won risk!!

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