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Short description: Play with bricks

Date: 2011-06-25 09:55

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DBO Brick


Today (22 June 2011) seems to be all about the tenth anniversary of OFP and its associated caravan of things that are spawned from it and experiences.
Well I cant compete with BIS and CWR2 etc, I would like you to share in my own experience, for ten years almost I have been blowing up things and rebuilding them, it all started with a humble Brick way back in OFP (see linked forum topic for video).

Today I give you its modern Grandchild and hope you can have just a small bit of fun, its nothing special its not big and its not clever, however one day from this small acorn great oaks will grow, of that I am sure.

In the download is a silly little mission I have used over the years (some of it unchanged since ofp , yes an .sqs lol) its a bit of fun, if you get 5 minutes enjoyment I will be happy, I have had 10 years, I cant expect you to achieve that lol.

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Included .pbo files:


This will be part of DBO_Deluxe_terrain in the July release along with other features spawned from it!

Have fun , if you dont accept that this is just a simple thing for simple minds then please dont download it, nobody has time these days for grief!

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