Binkowski updated his US Marines to version 1.2
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Binkowski released an updated version of his US Marines on the BI Forums.

    Quote Binkowski
    Alright community. It's been awhile since I've updated these guys, and I know you all have been waiting for them. I spent the better part of my free time at the beginning of the summer fixing the issues on these guys that have been there for awhile, and I'm confident in saying that most (if not all) of the issues that were defined upon release have been fixed. This update is released as is, if there's any minor errors post them in here or on the tracker and I will go about fixing them for a hot fix. This will most likely be the final update for these guys. Unless I get some major motivation, or get more ideas. Anyway... change log is below.

    • Fixed LOD issues.
    • Added editor groups (both desert and woodland).
    • Fixed AO mapping issues.
    • Added proper editor icons for AT and MG guys.

Written on 2012-09-02 17:55 by Binkowski11  

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