MP Gamemode : The Shooting Range 2 by [MIC] Murcielago

[MIC] Murcielago has submitted a completely reworked version of this mission where you can compete against other players in a shooting range.

    Quote [MIC] Murcielago :
    This mission will allow you to enjoy the best ballistic simulation in a simulator. The projectile camera will allow you to see what projectiles do in a proper simulator: ricochet of bullets, deflection of bullets, loss of energy/speed due to air friction and/or due to material penetration, complex simulation of material penetration (depending of bullet type, material and distance), bullet drop (Force of gravity)...

    This mission is different... It uses maths formulas to place objects to give to every player the same things at the same place as you can use this mission to compete against four players; It has menus to guide you to create tests to compete with other players; It has a complete set of messages to allow you to understand how you need to the things... In addition it contains all the Arma 2 Combined Operations weapons and most common vehicles to use them as targets so you can use this mission to improve your skills or you can share your knowledge with colleagues.

    The Shooting Range 2 can be a shooting competition for 5 players; it can be a training area for you; it can be a place where you can share your knowledge with colleagues; It can be a place where you will be capable to see differences between: weapons, ammunition and targets; It can be the place where you can test a new weapon or vehicle...

Written on 2012-10-25 07:56 by murcielago  

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