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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: Beta 1.01

Date: 2011-06-30 07:38

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BattleZone DeathMatch


In this mission the objective is to capture all the Containers on the Map. Each Container is a BASE from which you make your defences and attack forces you can load your Container on to a truck and move it around the map. You MUST have a truck from your side to pickup a Container.

  • You can set how many Containers each side starts with , From 1 to 4.
  • what factions "a choice of 2 per side" for the 3 sides.
  • What size your BASE area is for building.
  • Time of day
  • ViewDistance
  • Grass options
  • Respawn Time
  • and amount of vehicles per type
  • This is done in the Params at mission start.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Additional info:
    When you deploy your Container off of the truck you can start to set up your BASE.
    It only takes a few minutes to set your BASE up.

    As many players can work from the same Container at once from either the Container or RemoteLink

    When you Packup your Container your BASE will be cleaned and you have to start again.

    First you MUST make a Hospital -- This is so you can Reapawn back at your or any other BASE on your side that has a Hospital.

    Then you MUST make a Building to then allow you to make that type of vehicle. you have a limit of how many vehicles of a type you can have from each BASE. "Set in the Params"

    All vehicles are created empty so you have to make a Barracks, then make Soldiers next to the empty vehicle they will get in the vehicle themselves.

    As you move your build curser over objects you get menu options in the bottom right of your screen once your soldiers are in the vehicle you have the option to join them to your group or unjoin them if they are joined to your group.

    There is a HUNT option -- "This is similar to GroupLink", The AI will Fly, Drive, Walk randomly around the mission area looking for enemy and will update markers on the map of the enemys last known position also they call for support from other hunting vehicles whether they are from your BASE or not. This helps in finding the enemy bases "when i have markers fixed you will need this option". This is all done by the KnownEnemy , So it is hard for planes to spot troops , and you can Hide.

    There is a Remote Link -- This allows you to build items and vehicles from anywhere in the mission area as long as your UAVterminal is alive.

    There is a Reccall Hunters option -- This allows you to call all your hunting vehicles back to your BASE, Planes will go to the closest Airport, Land, Rearm, Refuel & Repair then takeoff and hunt again. "Added this as planes try to take off as soon as they have a Pilot", All other vehicles will go back to where you made them if your BASE is still there, If Not they will go to your BASE Container. Then Rearm , Refuel & Repair and be ready to be told to HUNT again.

    As BASE buildings that are destroyed you will loose the option to build that type of vehicle until you have rebuilt the building. If you loose your Hospital all BASE buildings will become VOID until the Hospital is rebuilt. as you build the buildings needed to build vehicles you will get ICONS on your right upper corner of your screen, as they are destroyed they will disappear, if they go RED your Hospital is destroyed. All the Players using that Container will have the same ICONS and they will change depending if you use a different Container.

    Revive - Respawn:
    READ THE HELP "Button in the Respawn Menu",
    To Respawn Click on any base that is your colour on the Mini Map.
    Blue = West
    Red = East
    Green = resietance

    You will then Spawn at a Hospital in that base.
    You can Revive Players if they are Knocked Out and Heal them if they can not walk.
    AI can Revive Players also.

    You can change your Weapons Layout,
    Change the view to other units on your side
    Change the Camera Views

    Port to other island:
    Im releasing this as a Demo with some AI on the map as a testing feature if you wish to Port it to a different MAP "Feel free to do so" just remove all the AI. In the init.sqf change the --- HuntDistance = 3000; --- to the radius of your mission area and move the Server logic to the center of the mission area.

    v1.01 Beta
  • Changed -- Moved the Main Bases to the edge of the mission area "as they are only used now if you have no Bases setup. when you start the mission or JIP you will go to a BASE that is Deployed. if there are none you will Start at the Main Base with a truck only. Hint "Ask Players with Bases on trucks their position.
  • Changed -- Hunt behaviour to AWARE from SAFE.
  • Added -- Guard.sqf -- If the vehicles run away to fight without the hunt order - This will bring them back to your Base when their done.
  • Changed -- BASE trucks not used will be removed at Mission start and the rest will be removed when they are destroyed.

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    - OFPEC forums

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