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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Arma 2: BAF

Version: 1.1 fixed
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the 'battlefield taxi' of the British Armed Forces

Date: 2011-09-16 21:48

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British FV432 "Bulldog" APC


Introduced in the 1960's as the standard 'battlefield taxi' of the British Armed Forces the FV432 series AFV has filled many roles in it's lifetime; APC, Ambulance, Command Post, Mortar Carrier, Mine Layer and more.
The Mk3 version has a new drive train, ERA and bar armour, defensive electronics suite and improved crew protection.

The 'bulldog' is an upgrade to the aging FV432 series British APC. With a new drivetrain, the addition of ERA and bar armour, an anti-IED electronics suite and improved crew protection it was designed to relieve the operational burden on the Warrior.
After seeing action in Iraq it was deemed 'unsuitable' for deployment in Afghanistan and was sent to the knacker's yard.

What you get:
The 'Ned Kelly' variant - so named because of the Australian designed 'bucket' turret.
Variant with remote weapon station in woodland and desert camo.
Variant with 'hypothetical' armour upgrade in woodland camo.

I can't claim this model is 100% accurate but hopefully I've done the old girl some justice.

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content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please
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Included files:

The RWS variant runs a script which rotates the gunner to man the weapon station when viewed from the cargo space (if he is turned in).
The script is triggered by a 'GETIN' eventhandler focused on the player - it won't work if you 'moveincargo' yourself.

Credits & Thanks:
Model,Textures,Config,Custom Animations: cleggy

All on the BIS forums who knowingly or otherwise helped me get this far.
BIS for the most fascinating/frustrating series of games on the planet.

v1.1 fixed
- fixed the RVMAT error
- display names shortened

- tweaks to model/textures/RVMATs and config;
- slowed her down a bit to make it more 'British' (ie: a bit crap really)
- increased ammo count per magazine
- increased armour values (too much?)
- added thermal textures
- simplified shadow LODs (so hopefully less noticable shadow LOD switching)

- Added version with remote weapon station mounting the HMG (woodland and desert camo schemes)
- Added version with 'hypothetical' BIBAK (Bulldog Interim Bar Armour Kit) upgrade on the turret (woodland camo).

- First Release - 'Ned Kelly' variant with 'bucket' turret

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