Author: Demonized
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: Its a script wich cleans up any dead man, destroyed vehicle and empty groups.

Date: 2011-07-18 21:34

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DMZ Delete


Its a script wich cleans up any dead man, destroyed vehicle and empty groups (to save the 144 group limit for long missions).
It works for men, land, air, sea vehicles and empty groups.
It includes options to add other objects(ANY) or use custom timer/distance on any object.
It uses no eventhandlers.
Options included: abondened vehicles, vehicles that cannot move due to damage, distance so players cannot see the "delete", timers.
You can exclude 1 or several specific units, or even unit classnames or superclasses like all helicopters or combine with all above.
It updates runtime so you can add and remove excluded units/vehicles on the go. v 1.1 also have a included part that can update same way.

Installation / Usage:
1: Save it as DMZ_delete.sqf and place in your mission folder.
2: Place this in init.sqf or in a initline of a unit or a trigger etc:
_null = [] execVM "DMZ_delete.sqf";

MP functionality:
* maybe its fully usable for MP, currently testing in top of script with exiting all that is not the server, has no impact on SP functionality.
It works on locally hosted servers for me, i only asume it works on all clients, since the deleteVehicle commands are global effects.
need more feedback on this topic.

* NINJA CHANGE: removed all publicVariable parts, not needed as script should only run on server side.
* men now uses hideBody and sinks into ground before deleted, as requested by forum members.
* new option, DMZ_include, include ANY object with optional custom timer and distance check. can also be used to have custom timer on a special car unit etc..

* initial release.

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- BI forums

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