Author: Dream_LOKO
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 118

Date: 2011-08-01 16:24

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Dream_LOKO's TvT mission pack


This missions has 4 game modes:
    1. AAS(Advance & Secure) - AAS-like game mode.
    2. Insurgency - game mode like pr:bf2 insurgency.
    3. Insurgency v.2 - modified insurgency with control points(When both cache hidden teams see control point . If bluefor team clean up this points it gets additional Intelligence points).
    4. AAD(Advance & Defence) - AAS-based. One team only attacks, another team only defends.

Game mode can be selected before start mission in its parameters.

The duration of the mission is restricted "points of reinforcement" ("tickets"). As soon as one of teams points will be reduced to zero, team loses.

1. Squad(group) manager.Squad leader can lock squad, invite in squad another player, kick player from squad.

2. Types spawn points:
    2.1. Main base - respawn for all team and vehicles.
    2.2. Rally point - respawn for your group(squad).
    2.3. Fire base - respawn for all team.
    2.4. Temp spawn points - removed shortly after the start of the mission or when other condition succeeded.

3. Wounds system have 3 life state:
    3.1. player can be deafened.
    3.2. player can be unconscious.
    3.3. bleeding.
Use medkit to stop bleeding or return to consciousness.
Only medic and first-aid tent can full heal.
ATTENTION! Wounds system work optimal only in veteran difficulty.

4. In-game change roles - changed only player gear and special capabilities.
    4.1. Squad leader - Limited. Can deploy/undeploy Fire Base and set rally point. Have pistol and rifle with UGL.
    4.2. Medic - Limited. Can revive/heal all players. Have additional medkits.
    4.3. Rifleman - ordinary shooter.
    4.4. Light AT soldier - Limited. Have AntiTank weapon like M136, RPG7.
    4.5. AT assistant - Have additional AT ammo.
    4.6. Engineer - Limited. Can repair vehicle, create suicide car and other.
    4.7. Pilot - Limited. Can operate air vehicles.
    4.8. Crewman - Limited. Can operate armored vehicles.
    4.9. Marksman - Limited. Have sniper rifle.

4. Vehicles.
All vehicles have spare wheels. Spare wheel can be shifted to another machine.
Anyone can repair vehicle in service point. Engineer can repair vehicle if near have FB box(Field repair).

5. Cargo system.
Vehicle can transport ammo and FireBase boxes.

6. Draggable wounded players, ammo boxs and static weapons.

7. NVG lose brightness with use(simulated discharge batteries, battery can be changed). Insurgency factions have opportunity to make a campfire.

8. Localization: english(without briefing, translated by google-translator) and russian(full).

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

AAS,AAD - not sure, may cause desync when players on server >10.
Insurgency and Insurgency v.2 - Work good. Tested on server with 15-20 players online.

Missions available on server:
name: PVP TeamWork[v1.59] ip:port -

  • In mission "Zargabad city" removed test spawn points (placed in mosque).
  • Fixed final credits (not displayed sides names).
  • Fixed counting number of kills.

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    - Otstrel forums

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