Mission pack : Coop mission by ToadBall updated

ToadBall released an update for this pack containing coop missions in the BI forums.

    Quote ToadBall :
    Normally I make, or start making and lose steam half way through, small missions for the zeus gaming community however, in a bout of uncharacteristic productivity I've slapped together a set of 3 missions for the Brik2 map recently released by Old Bear.

    Hopefully I'll get around to adding more missions to the pack while fixing any errors people find in these three.
    I'd like to emphasise these are very simple missions with no fancy bells or whistles which were made simply to try out the Brik island for possible use on our server.
    However, I do appreciate any constructive criticisms and bug reports that I get.

      Changes since version 1.1:
    • 26th August 2011
          - Various tweaks to existing missions.

    • 2nd August 2011
          - ACE_co_10_Fabrik_v1.1 - Tweaked from attack and hold to simple assault mission, a few loadout tweaks
          - ACE_co_18_AAA_Hunt_v1.1 - Considerable reduction in number of OPFOR units (100 vs 18 is expecting a bit much I think), loadout fixes: auto riflemen should now have an M60 as they were suposed to.
          - ACE_co_12_Rescue_Dawn_v1.1 - Increased time limit, small loadout tweaks.

Written on 2011-08-27 15:43 by toadball  

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