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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus, Takistan, Utes, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 31-07-2011

Date: 2011-08-01 07:31

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Frontline & Frontsector




'Frontline' mission is a battalion sized* conflict where players may 'Group Coop' as seperate squad leaders.

You will start outside a town in the current region. Units will advance until one side lose it's Battalion HQ town and withdraws from the region.

Helicopter extraction is available in the Map Menu under 'Air Support' and will send a helicopter from Battalion HQ to where ever the requesting player is - this combined with base aerial transport should be used by player SpecOps

Aerial transport is available for players at Battalion HQ as 'Transport Sqn' and 'Recon Sqn' and is controlled by the first player entering them. Use map to select a LZ

When capturing a town and the frontline moves, each town that used to be at the frontline receives a supply convoy for the advancing units to use (as of such, retreating units will not).

Platoons will be tasked with assault on enemy towns while AI SpecOps will additionally be directed at specific enemy asset targets when identified (radar and battery sites), player SpecOps will need to figure their targets out by themselves.

Respawn is basically 'BASE' but as long as a player have ai in the team one of them will be replaced by the player. Once the team is depleted, respawn is back at closest friendly town off FEBA (dot or depot on map) where player may request a new squad (random unless specific unit type).

Battalion HQ is setup at a friendly town and marked with the main factions flag. HQ resides all main assets of the Battalion such as Radar, Air Assets and Battalion Artillery (also used as Counter Battery)


'Frontsector' is the smaller version of Frontline featuring a reinforced Company on each side (included in d/l pack above).

These missions will start in quarter map by default and with half the units it should be a good option for those getting too hard performance hit by 'Frontline'.

Reduced to Company Level there are no counter battery but the other battalion assets such as a tank platoon and SpecOps will still be there. While both radar systems remain active a well aware platoon commander may of course direct mortar fire on detected enemy firebases when in range.

Mission content:
Frontline has 6 versions available:
    CDF versus Chedakis in Chernarus
    British Army versus Chedakis in Chernarus
    US Marines versus Russian Guards in Chernarus
    US Army versus Takistan Army in Takistan
    British Army versus Takistan Army in Takistan
    British and US Army versus Takistan Army and Russian Guards in Takistan (new)
    (Guess they all require CO but US/TK version might run OA only)

Frontsector has 8 versions available:
    CDF versus Chedakis in Chernarus and Utes
    British Army versus Chedakis in Chernarus and Utes
    US Marines versus Russian Guards in Chernarus and Utes
    US Army versus Takistan Army in Zargabad
    British Army versus Takistan Army in Zargabad

*With "Battalion Sized" the mission will see two companies and some Battalion-level assets such as a 4-tank platoon, recon platoon and specOps on west side and the east side have basically the same but 2 smaller company level 3-tank platoons attached. Rotary wing assets consisting of one UH, OH and AH type helicopter is also available.

I've avoided a full strength TOE setup for performance issues - also the mechanized infantry platoons will see random vehicles at their disposal as I found a strict TOE would become boring. Expect anything from a jeep or truck to a powerful infantry combat vehicle. Tank platoons and some others will always be assigned their proper vehicle, SpecOps might even get a OH type helicopter.

Available as Server Parameters the admin may set:
    Combat Area: All Map, Half Map or Quarter map
    AI Accuracy
    Month, Day, Hour, Minute starting time
    Civilian Vehicles.
    Civilian Population (includes animals).
    Keep Camp Guards in towns behind front

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

Dedicated server setup:
Start a dedicated server using a selection of the following parameters:

(Mission runs some 500 to 800 ai units so a dedicated server is recommended but hosting on i7-2600K w. 8gig RAM runs fairly ok)

class Missions 
    class 01 
        template = "Frontline_CDF_INS.Chernarus"; 
        difficulty = "mercenary"; 
        class Params 
            allMap = 2; // 0,1,2 = "All map","Half map","Quarter map" 
            aiSkill = 1; // 1 to 10 
            Month = 7; // yeah 
            Day = 24;     
            Hour = 11; 
            Minute = 18; 
            OdenCivVehicles = 1; // 0,1 off/on 
            OdenCivilians = 0; // 0,1 off/on 

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