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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 0.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This synthetic terrain represents a small area of the Yorkshire Dales.

Date: 2011-08-06 06:05

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Faffindale, North Yorkshire Dales


This synthetic terrain represents a small area of the Yorkshire Dales.
The Dales are limestone country. At one time in the prehistoric past, the whole area was a shallow tropical sea, with many coral reefs and atolls. Eventually, the sea became land, and the sand and coral became various sandstone and limestone rocks.
Since that time there have also been glaciation episodes, forestation, deforestation, resulting in the quite Scottish-looking moorland with small woods in sheltered areas, characteristic of this impressively scenic part of England.

Geologically, one of the most notable features of the area are Reef Knolls... some small, some miles across, reef knolls are oddly shaped regular rounded hills, sometimes almost conical, other times elongated if they were big enough to attract the attention of passing glaciers. These are the remnants of the original reefs and atolls of that prehistoric sea... Rich in marine fossils, the exposed rock faces of some of these hills are a magnet to paleontologists in the summer.

Once again, in this simulated terrain, I've attempted to depict these notable geological features, within a gently rolling moorland typical of the area.

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You are permitted to install and use this software for entertainment purposes only.
Any commercial, military or educational use is strictly forbidden without my written permission.

You are NOT allowed to convert this terrain for VBS2 or any other Simulation.

You are free to distribute this addon as you wish - as long as it's kept 100% free of charge, is not modified in any way and this documentation is distributed with it.

I can't be held responsible for any (im)possible damages this addon may caus..., the use of it is entirely at your own risk.

This is NOT an official product of Bohemia Interactive Studios nor Bohemia Interactive Simulations and they will not provide any support for this!

Credits & thanks:
BIS - For Arma 2 of course!
Tupolov - Map Intro Script (So simple even I could use it!)
Kronzky - Urban Patrol Script (Instant intelligent wandering AI)
Foxhound & Armaholic - Invaluable dev-space hosting!
JR Walker - I finally read the instructions!!
Shezan74 - World Tools!!!
Wolle - He went on holiday!

Intro Music - "The Dalesman Litany" performed by Foreign Feathers
(from the album "It could be worse".)

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